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what happens when the moon slowly moves away from the earth? What happens to the gravitational pull?

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    It was closer when the dinosaurs were on the earth. This site tries to explain what changes have happened:

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    What happens when the moon slowly moves away from the earth? What happens to the gravitational pull?

    The force which is keeping the moon at a specific distance and a specific velocity, is the Universal force of Gravitational attraction.

    Universal gravitational force = (G * M1 * M2) ÷ d^2

    G = Universal gravitational constant = 6.67 * 10^-11

    M1 = mass of object #1 = mass of Earth = 5.98 * 10^24 kg

    M2 = mass of object #2 = mass of Moon = 7.36 * 10^22 kg

    d = distance between the centers of mass of the 2 objects

    The distance between the moon and the Earth varies from around 356400 km to 406700 km = 3.564 * 10^8 m to 4.067 * 10^8 m.

    Universal gravitational force = (6.67 * 10^-11 * 5.98 * 10^24 * 7.36 * 10^22) ÷ d^2

    Universal gravitational force = 2.94 * 10^37 ÷ d^2

    The gravitational pull is inversely proportional to the square of the distance.

    As d increases, the gravitational pull decreases.

    If d2 = 1.5 d1, F2 = 1/1.5^2 * F1

    F2 = 0.444 * F1

    However, to alter the distance the mass of the earth must change and/or the mass of the Earth must change.


    A huge object must collide with the Earth or the Moon

    To change d, M1 and/or M2 must change/ or the formula is incorrect!

    We have sent astronauts to the Moon and we have put satellites in orbit by using this formula.

    So, I do not think that the formula is incorrect.

    I sleep well because I believe that the Universe is in good hands!

    No drastic changes have happened since people have kept written records; and I do not believe any changes will happen today!

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    the moon can not move away from the earth and it cant get closer to the earth. it is always orbitting the earth 24/7 some areas of world the gravitational pull is stronger than others. when the moon orbits to a different part of the earth that part will have no gravitational pull to the moon maybe a little depends how far apart

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    Well that wont happen for a long time.

    If you use the gravitation equation, you eventually learn that if you have 2 masses, and the distance increases, than the pull will become weaker.

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    That's happening very slowly so it won't have any effect for a long time. When it does leave the Earths orbit, we'll stop having tides.

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    It will be doom day for earth.

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