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Green Lantern Comic Books?

I just saw the Green Lantern movie and I loved it! I really want to read the comic books but of course the origional ones are so exspensive! I was wondering if the new Green Lantern issue #1 that is $5 is the same as the origional that is up to $1000. Is it the same and just reprinted or is completely different?

Thanks so much.

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  • 9 years ago
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    It will be completely different. It will be more updated and a bit better drawn. There have been several human Green Lanterns since the start of DC and I am not sure if the reboot is going to feature Hal Jordan or one of the others.

    However, there are several Green Lantern graphic novels which reprint key story arcs. My public library carries some of these, yours might also. If not find your nearest comic book store and talk to the staff. Explain that you are a new fan and want to get some more stories. Explain your budget and ask to get the best bang for your buck. Most likely it will be collected volumes and each should be around $20 and contain a 5 or 6 issue story arc.

    You might also check their quarter bin where the comics get reduced due to condition and overstock.

    There are also hardback collections of the early comics, but these are expensive and more for the die hard fans.

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