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How do you say congratulations on your wedding in farsi?

How do you say congratulations on your wedding in farsi?

Also, how do you pronuance it

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    arousitoon mobarak.

    ezdevajetoon mobarak.

    pronunciation :

    a-roo-see-toon ---- a like "amber", roo like "rooster", see like "see", toon like "cartoon".

    ez-de-va-je-toon ---- 'e'z like "endeavor", de like "dell", va like "wonder", je like "jelly", toon like "cartoon".

    mo-ba-rak --- mo like"most", ba like "Obama", rak like "rack".

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    Why not write about a fond memory you have of your niece? "Dear Sally and Bob, Congratulations and best wishes as you begin this exciting journey together. Sally, you have always been such a bright, positive, and generous person--even when you were little, you always included everyone in your games and offered to share your books. I know those fine qualities will carry over into your marriage. Bob, I look forward to getting to know you better--welcome to the family. Love to you both, Recycle B" If you want it to come from the heart, you have to think about your relationship with your niece and what you know about her personally - an example can only get you so far. But I know she'll appreciate the time you take to write something thoughtful and personal. As for the check, you can make it out to "Bob and Sally Smith" or "Sally and Bob Smith" and they can cash it after the wedding.

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    تبریک عروسی خود را!

    Sorry i don't know how to pronounce it but you can copy and paste it on to a document and send a card with that on it! Hope this helped!

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    a-roo-si-toon mo-ba-rak.en-sha-allah be paa-ye ham pir shid.عرمسیتون مبارک.ان شاا... به پای هم پیر شید.

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    ahrooseetoon mohbaarak (عروسیتون مبارک)

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