Internet Search Engines Not Working?

Whenever I use Google, Yahoo, or Bing, the results will come up, but when I select a link, it takes me to an advertisement.


Example: I Googled "Bing". I clicked, and I was taken to the sears website.

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  • ryan
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    9 years ago
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    redirect virus

    get spybot search and destroy

    or go to start - type in run - In run type 'c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\' without the ' then right click on the hosts file and click properties - security - Edit click on users/user-PC\uses and tick the box that says allow full coontrol then click apply then okay then right click on the hosts file and it'll ask you how you wanna open it open it with notepad by clicking browse then type C:\Windows\System32\notepad.exe then the file will open If you see anything under the #'s delete it then save

    virus's edit your host file which causes redirections

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  • Linda
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    Internet search engines are special sites on the Web that are designed to help people find information stored on other sites. There are differences in the ways various search engines work, but they all perform three basic tasks: * They search the Internet -- or select pieces of the Internet -- based on important words. * They keep an index of the words they find, and where they find them. * They allow users to look for words or combinations of words found in that index. Early search engines held an index of a few hundred thousand pages and documents, and received maybe one or two thousand inquiries each day. Today, a top search engine will index hundreds of millions of pages, and respond to tens of millions of queries per day. In this article, we'll tell you how these major tasks are performed, and how Internet search engines put the pieces together in order to let you find the information you need on the Web.

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  • 9 years ago

    That just means you're choosing the wrong sites! Most sites on the internet have advertisements, for the obvious purpose of gaining revenue. Unless ALL these sites redirect you to the SAME URL based on DIFFERENT Queries, then you should be worried about malware.

    Being a software developer myself, I have not seen any malware that can do something like edit outgoing URLs from a webserver, and redirect them all to a single source. Unless they've taken over Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo!

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  • Nik
    Lv 7
    9 years ago

    Then you have a virus or a program bugging you.

    Sometimes you have a program that's not a virus but pesters you with advertisements but if your clicking genuine sites and getting different results I'd say you have a virus.

    What sites do they take you to.

    Medical/ sex sites/ Somewhere you have to pay for something?

    Clean your PC.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    at first click on the link.when the page is open you back on search result and again click on the link. You problem has solved.

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