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Is a new Honda VFR 800 a good starter bike?

Most people say that anything over 500cc isn't a good starter bike but does it make difference because it isn't a sportbike, more of a sports tourer??

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    Makes no difference with the VFR... it's still not new rider friendly. They're heavy, have heavy steering at slow speeds, have very expensive fairings (and matching expensive insurance). Very much not a confidence inspiring bike when it comes to a new rider. You Might be able to get on it and manage to not fall down, but there's a HUGE difference between "not falling down" and being a Capable and Competent rider.

    Pick your first bike so you can learn to ride. A small, easy to handle, easy to ride motorcycle is like making sure you have a superb foundation before building a house. They're never fancy, no one notices them, but without that foundation, no house is going to stay standing for very long. Same with your riding, build the skills and ability and you can move on to any bike you like with confidence later in your riding career.

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    Like Brian said, you will probably survive the experiance but you wont have as much fun or be as good of a rider. That said the interceptor is a very very good motorcycle. I had ridden dirtbikes as a kid then started my street career with a (too)small dual sport. Then I moved to an interceptor as a second bike. I recommend you do the same. Get a dual sport to learn the fundamentals on, then get a VFR.

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    New Honda Vfr

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    an 800 whatever the class of bike is no bike to be learning on get around a 250 even then that is plenty

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    It will make you a good Darwin award lottery ticket.

    No, it is not a bike for someone with under 100K miles.

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