What does Ω mean? mathematically?

what does Ω symbolize?

and also what does an O with a wobbly line horizontally through it mean mathematically?

ie. in the area of a parallelogram it is ab x sin(O with wobbly line). please help xxx

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    as far as I know,

    I've only encountered this symbol in physics, Ω is pronounced 'ohm'. It is the SI unit of resistance.

    (O with wobbly line) is called the 'theta'. in the given formula, it represents the angle in degrees between two adjacent sides of a parallelogram. theta can represent many other things but generally, it almost always represents an angle. My guess is you won't need to know those at this stage.

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    The upside down horse shoe is a Greek letter which is Omega. It happens to be the last letter of their alphabet. So with that said it is sometimes used symbolically as the last in what context it is being used in. The other letter is theta and is also a Geek letter which is used quit often as a variable for the measure of angles.

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    Omega (uppercase - Ω or lowercase - ω) has come to symbolize various meanings in mathematics, most notably:

    • Lambert W function, also known as the omega function

    • Wright Omega function, another function defined in terms of the Lambert W function

    • Omega constant, a specific value derived from the Lambers W function

    • Omega language, a set of infinite-length sequences of symbols

    • Chaitin's constant, or Halting Probability, written as Ω

    • Omega (ω), the set of all natural numbers, and the smallest infinite ordinal number

    • Omega-one (ω1), the set of all countable ordinal numbers, and the smallest uncountable ordinal number

    • ω(g(n)), an asymptotic notation used to characterize algorithms

    • The omega and agemo subgroups of a p-group, Ω(G) and ℧(G)

    The other variable you are referring to is known as theta (θ/ϑ). Theta typically serves to symbolize an unknown angle in trigonometric functions; however, it also serves to give the denotation for potential temperature as well.

    In general, you can use omega and theta to represent anything mathematically because they are simply Greek letters, which can be used to denote unknowns in equations.

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    They are Greek letters, and don't mean anything more than any other letter we use in algebra of trigonometry.

    In a diagram you can Label points with English letters or Greek ones -looks like your diagram has Greek ones

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    that's omega, it means the probability for a certain accident... the o with a wobbly line i think is phy or sth i can't recall... but it means there is no probability.

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