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why do girls call a guy "gay" to insult him?

when a guy is saying things like "go back to the kitchen" or some misogynist thing, there's always that girl that will call the guy "gay". How is that an insult? Ladies, why do you say it in the first place? It's just hateful and stupid

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    I'm pretty sure that you had a good question but didn't deliver it as eloquently to make it understandable, there was no need to mention the immature insult "go back to the kitchen".

    Whilst women do have more rights in today's society it is still a male dominated world and though women do, at least, have the freedom to be headstrong and macho or feminine and poised or whatever else they want to be, there is always pressure on men to be manly. People stereotype gays as being effeminate but the truth is not all of them are. I know some are as stereotypes do have a origin based on truth, but not all gay men are feminine.

    I myself don't use that insult as it doesn't make sense to call someone a random word in lieu of pointing out actual detriments in their character. Also, men use the word "gay" to insult other men more often than women, also another outcome of the patriarchal society we are currently in.

    Also, the word "gay" originally meant happy. In the times when the words "gay" meant happy, women had to be demure, feminine and did not have the right to vote, whilst only men had the rights to vote and have a good job and they were also pressured to be manly.

    @Alex Muntaz, I am a 14 year old and I believe that the word "gay" is ineffective and immature when used as an insult.

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    Because men, at least the type of man that would be misogynistic and tell a woman to get back in the kitchen and **** like that, are wrapped up in their sexuality and think it's "unmasculine" to be gay(but apparently it's extremely masculine to despise women and think they are only good for *******, babies, cooking and cleaning).

    • Leyla3 years agoReport

      It is unmasculine & yes its usually the macho type who say insults like that.

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    It's akin to some guys shouting 'lesbian' at any woman who doesn't want to sleep with him. It's rude, awful, and sh!tty.

    Telling someone to go back in the kitchen, is also pretty sh!tty as well. Makes me wonder what on earth the girl did for to have that phrase thrown at her. And in fact, I've only heard that from 14-year olds. I guess teen girls are also too shallow-minded to even think of a good come back either.

  • Q
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    People have been using 'gay' as an insult for far too long. I always say something when I hear someone use the term in that way.

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  • Krak
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    9 years ago

    Because it is an insult..The last thing any real man would like to be seen as is something that looked like a man on birth, but now talks, acts and looks more like woman, having sexual preferences of women etc. Hideous insult for me at least.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    If I was a straight man and it was my desire to date women, having others told I do not like women would be detrimental to my efforts.

    It is not as much an insult as it is sabotage.

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    Um, saying "go back to the kitchen" is hateful and stupid! It goes both ways!

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    Men should stop being homophobic and reacting to such cheap insults. Next time tell her, BE ORIGINAL or IS THAT THE BEST YOU GOT? or I'D LOVE TO PROVE YOU WRONG, BUT YOU'RE JUST NOT MY TYPE.

    Source(s): Only a woman would DR me
  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    in a patriarchal society, being manly is a big thing,

    you can relate this to the "alpha-male" figure stuff

    and also being manly is the guy's "pride" so being attacked by gay words is a big kapow!

  • 3 years ago

    Because they are ugly and don't understand that

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