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An app for the business ...

Anapp for the business networking site makes it easier to sharecontacts in person using Bluetooth. Newer sites like, Contxts.comand allow users to create and share virtual business cards. App*有一個商務聯絡網,叫做。透過這網站,人們見面時只要用藍芽,就能輕鬆分享自己的聯絡方式。而諸如,Contxts.com以及…等之類較新穎的網站,人們可以在那兒製作虛擬名片,並和人分享。 (*App為蘋果公司提供的商務平台) Noteveryone has given up tradition. FedEx Office, the office services chain, stillsees a “steady growth” in business card sales, a spokeswoman said. 儘管如此,並非每個人都放棄了「傳統名片。」一位聯邦快遞(FedEx Office)的服務部女性發言人表示,對於名片的銷量,仍認為會「穩定成長。」 (這邊不太了解the office services chain的意思,是這四個字有一個名詞解釋?還是說,service在這是當成動詞來用呢?) Oneexplanation could be the status attached to the company card. “I think,culturally, you’re real and you have a real job if you have a business card,”Ms. Trapani said. “There’s something about that card that means you’re kind ofofficial.” 一個有可能的解釋為,公司名片和工作職位相關。「就傳統面而言,我認為,你有名片的話,你會給人真誠的感覺的,而且也表示你有份真正的工作。」特拉帕尼先生說道。「那張卡片會讓人覺得你有些正式。」 (這邊的real和official,這樣解釋不知道是否妥當@@)



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    1. 連絡方式建議改為聯絡人資料

    2. 和人分享建議改成和人交換(名片)

    3. the office services chain大意為商務服務連鎖店(公司)

    4. status attached to the company card 意為(手拿)公司名片,身分地位就是不一樣...

    5. you're real and you have a real job..意思為你是真有其人,工作也是真的(相較於虛擬的電子名片)...

    6. 沒錯,official 給人更正式的感覺

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    clarification on LinkedIn and Fedex Office has nothing to do with 蘋果的平台. "App" is short for "appllication". Pls check out that site yourself and you'll know its nature. Its recent IPO was the talk of the town in US high-tech.

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    Fedex Office is a business section within Fedex. Fedex bought a copy/printing chain store called "Kinko" a couple years ago and changed its name to "Fedex Office" these two years. Pls see this site to learn about its nature.

    2011-06-18 01:16:02 補充:

    Your translation 聯邦快遞的服務部 is a bit off. And you can re-word the translation for "the office services chain" accordingly.

    Sorry, i'm in an extended trip, can type in english only. Glad that 老翻哥 speaks for me mostly. :-)

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    CD 已開始看了,但有一些聽不懂,有中譯本嗎?....


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    有中文字幕嗎? 老登怎麼沒看到,待會兒去瞧瞧!

    先謝啦! 一定有問題的......呵呵!

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