Discovery 頻道有關 "象人" 中 的一首詩

今晚(6月18日) Discovery頻道有一集介紹象人, 內容最後部分提到一首詩, 我記不起全文, 只記得好像有一句是 類似 "用靈魂的深度來看我", 有誰知道這首詩的全文嗎?

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    This is true my form is something odd,

    But blaming me is blaming God;

    Could I create myself anew

    I would not fail in pleasing you.

    If I could reach from pole to pole

    Or grasp the ocean with a span,

    I would be measured by the soul;

    The mind's the standard of the man.











    象人所使用的詩詞是由 Isaac Watts 的 False Great­ness 所改編.

    Mylo, for­bear to call him blest

    That only boasts a large estate,

    Should all the trea­sures of the west

    Meet, and con­spire to make him great

    I know thy bet­ter thoughts, I know

    Thy rea­son can’t descend so low.

    Let a broad stream, with golden sands,

    Through all his mead­ows roll,

    He’s but a wretch, with all his lands,

    That wears a nar­row soul.

    He swells amidst his wealthy store,

    And proudly poiz­ing what he weighs,

    In his own scale he fondly lays

    Huge heaps of shin­ing ore.

    He spreads the bal­ance wide to hold

    His manors and his farms,

    And cheat the beams with loads of gold

    He hugs between his arms.

    So might the pough-boy climb a tree,

    When Croe­sus mounts his throne,

    And both stand up, and smile to see

    How long their shadow’s grown.

    Alas! how vain their fan­cies be

    To think that shape their own!

    Thus min­gled still with wealth and state,

    Croe­sus him­self can never know;

    His true dimen­sions and his weight

    Are far infe­rior to their show.

    Were I so tall to reach the pole,

    Or grasp the ocean with my span,

    I must be measur’d by my soul:

    The mind’s the stan­dard of the man.


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