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Ok, this is actually a question about petals on the wind, and it's really frustrating me and I can't move on until my question is answered. Nearer the end of the book we learn cathy meets Bart at a cafe near the woods and he asks how he is related to cathy. To which she says 'henrietta beech was your wifes half sister, malcomb foxworth had an affair with her and the outcome was three children, one of which was me' Obviously she was lieing, but I don't get how this would work because if henrietta beech was corinnes half sister, then how can malcomb have children with her considering she would be one of his own? Please answer because I really don't understand. Thanks!

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    At first that didn't sound right so I went back and checked my copy of "Petals on the Wind". But you're absolutely right, Cathy did say that. The only thing I can think of is that V.C. Andrews got her details mixed up and meant to write that Henrietta Beech (in Cathy's lie) was just some random woman that Malcolm had an affair with and produced 3 illegitimate children, one of which was Cathy. That would still make Cathy related to Corinne but as a half-sister, not half-aunt. But then again it IS part of the Dollanganger saga and incest is a theme that runs throughout the series, so I guess it's not too surprising that she would throw that little detail into Cathy's lie. What's surprising though is how Bart reacts to it. Not with any shock or disgust that Malcolm would have an incestuous relationship with one of his 'daughters' and produce 3 children from that affair but more of delight that an old man could still be sexually active after a heart attack: "I never thought the old devil had it in a man inspiration to know that." Yikes.

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