I cannot connect to the internet. Please help!?

Recently I turned my computer on to find that I couldn't connect to my wireless internet. I have a Compaq Presario C500 laptop, if that helps at all. I tried restarting my computer and restarting my wireless - no luck. Also tried turning our modem/router off and on - no luck. (here is a chance my brother (in charge of our household network) has done something to block my internet access. Can you suggest anything else I can try? Thanks

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  • 9 years ago
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    what kind of wireless router are you using? also what operating system is on your laptop? when you try to join the wireless network what does it say? give me this info and we can probably fix your issue.

    if your using windows 7 you will need to change your wireless encryption type to wpa if it is not already. by default most routers are wep which windows 7 has a hard time with. good luck

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