My friend is gonna smoke pot?

Hi, so about a month ago my friend told me that she really wanted to do drugs. This didnt come as a full surprise to me, but i was definatepy worried. We are 13 years old in 8th grade. since then, we havent really spoken about it. but today, she came up to me in class while everyone was talking and begged me not to be mad at her because she had plans to smoke pot later today at a friends house who does drugs all the time. my friend has never done it before and i told her that of course i would be a little mad but mostly dissapointed. she says that shes only doing it "one time", but im smart enough to know she could easily get addicted. she was also saying that it doesnt matter because its pot, and it wont harm her at all. i didntb know what to say to this... is there anything that pot can do to you thats bad??? i neeeddd an answer now because i just got off the phkne wih her and shes at her friends house. this means that thu could do it any minute. she said she will think about backing out just for me... i need proof that potnis bad for her!!! help me please :'( i love my friend. :'( <\3

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    Hey there, let me start off by saying, i am a medical marijuana user in a non-medical state meaning illegal. I am 21 years of age, took my first hit at 13, but didn't really do it again till i was like 15. I use it because i have ADHD, which for that, marijuana is actually the best treatment there is, unlike the poison that is the pharmaceutical drugs. Every human being on earth, including most animals, have what we call the Endo-Cannabinoid System or ECS, which is what the chemicals in Marijuana works on. The reason for this, is because our bodies naturally produce the almost identical chemicals, that are found it pot, including THC (The chemical that gets you high), these chemicals though are not the same exact chemicals that are in pot, but do have the same or similar chemical structure. The chemicals our ECS produces, have significantly lowered in the past few decades because of all the nasty chemicals that are in food, drinks and even the air, so these "Endogenous Cannabinoids - hence the Endo", are not helping out as much as they should. This is why Cannabinoid Deficiencies and Marijuana Use are an exceptional theory as of right now until further studies are done. Marijuana is all natural, it's completely non-toxic, non-addictive meaning no withdrawal symptoms and no craving unlike tobacco. Now, a lot of people will say it is addictive, but this is all anti-marijuana propaganda, and you shouldn't fall for it. Now, Marijuana has been used as medicine for thousands of years, it's been legal longer than it has been illegal. The actual reason why marijuana was prohibited in 1937 by our then Drug Czar Harry Anslinger, is because he was a racist, he said marijuana was used by blacks and Mexicans and would get white women to smoke it and they would then rape them or what not. He also owned a good bit of land, in which he had alot of lumber from trees to get rid of for use of paper and wood. Hemp is the plant marijuana buds come from, but there is a major difference. The male Hemp plant, contains little to no amount of THC (The High Chemcial), whereas the female Hemp plant, grows the buds in which is high in THC, and gets you high. In the words the famous Ron Paul, "You would have to smoke a Hemp cigarette (Meaning the male plant material) the size of a telephone poll to get high". The male Hemp plant can produce more paper and pulp for wood in 1 acre, than 4 acres of trees, which is another reason why Harry Anslinger wanted Hemp (Which can't get you high) illegal as well, so the controversy continues. Marijuana is known to be completely safe, and this comes from people who actually use the plant, and know how to use it. One thing though, is since your friend is a newbie at it, my suggestion would be for her to try the low grade first, and work her way up to the mid, then highs. Think of it as an actual medicine, you can't start off taking a high dose, meaning high grade or mid pot, and expect not to have some sort of a "Negative" side effect. That's why it's better to start off with low grade, but it doesn't really matter. It's just some people do experience negative effects their first time because they use higher grade bud.

    Also, this may be a shocking discovery to you and your friend, but it's worth knowing the truth i think. Goto

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    to see the documentary Run From The Cure. This, will explain the medical benifits of Marijuana, as well as enlighten you to the fact, that Marijuana can cure cancer. Not just Treat, but Cure. And this is done by the oil from the Marijuana buds, not by smoking. Although, they have found that everyday smoking of Marijuana, cuts the rate of lung cancer down in half. Meaning you have less of a chance of getting lung cancer, or any other cancer for that matter, if you use marijuana even by smoking it. Marijuana use boosts the immune system, it can average out one's weight, depending on their body, it can help people lose weight, or gain weight. In my case, i've actually went from 200 pounds, to 150 pounds in only 6 months of smoking everyday, especially before and after every meal, with no exercise (which i need to do), and still eating the same, though i have cut back on my eating from time to time, somtimes i feel full, sometimes i don't. But it all works out.

    Source(s): Research, being abused by the law and educating myself on the matter. If you do want some trustworthy sites to find info on, goto Natural drugs like Marijuana are relatively safe compared to the poison that are pharmaceutical drugs. P.S. People used to say, and still kinda do say that smoking Marijuana can cause lung cancer such as smoking tobacco. Funny thing is, when they did studies and research onto why Marijuana does not cause cancer when smoked, is because they found that Tobacco in it's natural state, even when smoked does not cause cancer or other health problems. It's due to the commercial tobacco companies spraying radioactive fertilizers onto the Tobacco plants, which the plants then suck in through the resinous glands, and when they are processed they also add in Additives that are not needed, but the companies say they are there for flavor.
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    Marijuana is only bad for her because she is still developing. Its not addictive, at least not physically, some people who smoke pot daily eventually become psychologically addicted, and its not that hard of an addiction to break, but this only happens rarely in habitual uses. In low amounts, it isn't harmful in any significant sense. If you feel that she ends up doing it too often, confront her in love about it.

    Like i said before, its only harmful because she is developing. Because she is so young, it could cause harm to her nervous(brain and nerves) system. It is also bad to be inhaling anything other than air into your system (keep in mind, there are other ways to consume marijuana. Such as eating pot brownies). As a friend, I would tell her to wait until she is fully developed (around college age, or senior year of high school) if she really wants to try it.

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    First of all, you can't get physically addicted to weed, and some people (most people I know) don't even get high on their first time. I understand that you are worried about your friend, and you should just go and talk to her about it. Honestly, it's not a big deal. It's not like she's going to smoke crack. She will be fine despite what you think, and I can almost guarentee that you will smoke weed in your life. It's normal for people to get interested about drugs and things around that age, that's when I first started smoking weed. Well anyways, just tell her how you feel and if she is really your friend she won't do it, or she will atleast hide it from you

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    what kind of stoners are you guys... If it is his first time smoking. It will definitely leave his system in 2 weeks. If anything tell him to work out like a couple of times before his drug interview and he will be drug free. The people claiming that it doesn't leave your system for almost a month only applies to chronic users. THC is fat soluble and since your friend seems absurdly skinny his body will not store as much of the THC than a obese person. (his metabolism is probably very fast) A few hits will leave no trace within 2 weeks.

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    All of the above answers beside "that guy" are completely retarded...Weed is not physically addictive and its not bad for you if you eat it or vaporize it the minor effects from the smoke aren't even mention-able you will not get a smokers cough and you will have no effects on your teeth whatsoever it's good for you to smoke often because it makes your immune system better please do some actual medical research before you spread your ignorance around anymore...

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    Pot is not addictive if you do it in small doses and don't do it daily, and it is unhealthy, but compared to smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol excessively pot is not as bad. If she starts to do it every week or day to day then you should get very worried because it can lead to harder drugs, otherwise besides the fact that she's 13 years old (which in my opinion is way to young) there is nothing to worry about.

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    I had this same problem in the past school year. We were really good friends in elementary and middle school. But then in our freshmen year of high school she went out with some senior boy who got her addicted to it. She'd come to school high and she'd get caught. She'd only come to school one or two days out of the week and the other days she'd skip with her boyfriend and smoke at either of their houses while their parents were at work. We told her to stop but she said it was 'soo good' and we also told her how it could ruin her life in the future and how she might not be successful. She wants to be a singer and i told her smoking would ruin her voice, and she had a very beautiful singing voice. I had to stop talking to her because she never stopped. It's hard to give up a friend but if they can't listen to you and you feel like you could be unsafe being around her, you might have to stay away from her.

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    Terrible answers. Weed is the least harmful drug there is. It is not physically addictive at all. You do not get "smokers cough" from it. Pot has more positive effects than the minute amount of negative effects. Do some research people..

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    i know shes ur freind but shes not gona back out......she woodent have gone to the freinds house if she was going toback out for any reason....she will die from it......not now but eventually...a little turns into alot instantly..... stay away from her....and i mean cut it off completley she will feel guilty and sad which may cuase her to stop i think its a pretyy good chance! dont answer texts calls avoid her at school. and if she says she stopped and is not lieing then by all means take her again as being ur freind! u cant have enough freinds! it wood just mean another happy life! another life saved! this is the time you need to think about,saving her. because after this its to late.i wish u MOST LUCK IN THE WORLD FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!!! <3 its gona b hard for both of you but just do the right thing (plus some of the things i just mentioned) and you will come through with flying colors! and a happy ending!:) much much much luck baby doll!

    Source(s): and plz NO thumbs down im trying to HELP her
  • Ask her how shes gonna feel a couple months down the road when she has trouble breathing and she has smokers cough, and her teeth are all messed up. Pot completely destroys your bodies vital organs. Its just a dumb thing to do

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