How do you get your hair blonde without lemon juice or beer or hair dye?

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My hair now is a light brown on top (fading dye) and a black underneath (hair dye). Every summer my hair turns blonde, but always turns out strawberry blonde because of the natural more
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  • Cira answered 3 years ago
I have blonde hair and ik how you feel. I like to get blonde high lights in the summer but i dont like going to a salon. What i do is when you go swimming in the chlorine or salt water lie out in the sun exposing your hair so that you get blond highlights. Also use a shampoo that helps you get blond hair. You have to have some blonde highlights first so i would try the chlorine. Then buy the shampoo and conditioner they worked for me!

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I heard that getting blonde highlights and going in the chlorine a few times a week helps get blonde hair. I'm going to get that done. Thanks though.
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  • Kinky Kristen answered 3 years ago
    if you go to a salon, they can put a toner in it? its not actual dye, but itll last about 15 washes. my salon only charged me 10$ for a toner. i had the same problem as you last summer, so thats what i did for a few months. i got it done once a month and it eventually ended up a pretty medium/light blonde by the end of summer. :)


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  • Aurina answered 3 years ago
    You can't dye your hair blond without dye. You could try using peroxide, but that will bring out the red in your hair. You best thing to try would be bleach, but be careful. I would just go to a salon and see a stylist and get them to dye my hair for me. I have naturally red blonde hair. I just use Sun-in if part of my hair is more blonde than another part. For example if I wear a ponytail in the sun for a few days the front of my hair is lighter than the back.
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  • breakmyheart answered 3 years ago
    You'd have to use something unless you spend a lot of time in the sun. Sun-In?
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