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An electric motor, a car engine and a race horse can all produce energy?

Show how this energy could come, originally, from sunlight. What forms of energy on the Earth are not derived from sunligight?

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    electric motor in a chevy volt is powered by rechargable batteries. you have to plug those batteries into the wall on a daily basis. the electric we recieve from an outlet comes from a power plant which most likely utilizes fossil fuel. these fossil fuels are all dead and fossilized achient forests which have captured energy from the sun and stored it (ill exaplain more on that later). these dead forests are now trapped under the earths surface as coal, oil, etc...

    car engine is very similiar to the example above. it utilizes fossil fuels.

    horses produce energy from a steady diet of plants (namely grass and hay) which capture energy from the sun through a pigment called cholorophyll. plants then convert the suns energy into chained carbohydrates called starch. this is eventually eaten by the horse and through metabolic pathways it is converted into work.

    sources of energy not derived from sunlight is harder to find as most of everything we use/do uses energy from the sun, either directly of indirectly. Geothermal energy is often used in iceland as a "internal source" of energy that does not require the sun. Wind energy harnessed by windmills is another source, however, wind patterns are highly implicated with the sun. water energy (dont know the technical name for it), such as harnessing a flowing river (hoover damn) or harnesing the tidal currents of the ocean. these are just a few examples im sure there are a lot more.

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