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M-WWE Friday night Smackdown.69th Smackdown.Is it good?

GM of Smackdown-Teddy Long

WWE Chairman-Mr McMahon



WWE champion-Jeff Hardy

Unified tag team champions-Matt Morgan and Hernandez

US champion-Jack Swagger

Womens champion-Mickie James

Womens tag team champions-Kaitlyn and Kelly Kelly

Promo 1-Melina comes out.Melina says "a few months ago I had a tag team with Angelina Love.We lost a few matches and she turned against me.We were supposed to be BFFs.Obviously we weren't real BFFs.Angelina, I want you at Xtreme Rulez in a stretcher match".Angelina Love comes out.Angelina says "Melina, you need to shut your mouth.I don't appreciate you going around acting like you are all of that, acting like you are better than me, because Melina, let's face it, the reason we were so successful was because of me.Melina, the facts are that I'm better than you.I accept your challenge Melina.I will hurt you at Xtreme Rulez and I will end your sorry career".Melina says "it won't be you beating me, but it will be me beating you".

Match 1-LayCool(heels) vs Kaitlyn and Kelly Kelly(faces)-winners LayCool

Promo 2-Jack Swagger comes out.Jack says "ladies and gentlemen, standing in the ring at this time, he is the future of WWE and a future WWE Hall of Famer.He is the current United States champion and the greatest United States champion of all time.Ladies and gentlemen, the great All American American, Jack Swagger.At Xtreme Rulez, I will defend my United States championship to Bobby Lashley.This match will be a Falls Count Anywhere.Bobby, I will defeat you and remain the United States champion".

Match 2-Wade Barrett(heel) vs Evan Bourne(face)-winner Wade Barrett

Match 3-David Otunga and Skip Sheffield(heels) vs Doug Basham and Danny Basham(faces)-winners Basham Brothers

Promo 3-Scott Steiner comes out.Scott says "2 weeks ago, Booker T challenged me to a I Quit match at Xtreme Rulez.Booker, I accept.When I get through with you, the referee will have to say you can no longer compete, as you won't be able to say I Quit.Speaking of I Quit, let's make this match a little more interesting.The loser must leave WWE and they can never come back.Do you accept"? Booker T comes out.Booker T says "Scott, I accept.But, like the past few weeks, I will kick your a**.Your career will be over.But, I accept".

Match 4-Kofi Kingston(face) vs CM Punk accompanied by Serena(heels)-winner CM Punk

Post Match-Luke Gallows comes out and gives CM Punk the Gallows Pole.

Match 5-The Great Khali(heel) vs Jeff Hardy(face)-winner by DQ Jeff Hardy

Post Match-The Great Khali puts Jeff Hardy in the Vise Grip.Randy Orton runs out and hits The Great Khali with a chair.The Great Khali goes for a Khali Chop, but Randy Orton ducks.Randy Orton gives Khali a RKO.Randy Orton gets the WWE championship and hands it to Jeff Hardy.Jeff Hardy raises up the WWE championship.

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  • 9 years ago
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    7 this is better than i thought it would be


    8 i like swagger v lashley








    total 7.7

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  • 9 years ago

    First off, I haven't read your previous stuff if you have any, but why the hell is the WWE Championship and the US Championship on SmackDown. And since when were there Women's tag team champions, and it's the unified Diva's title now, not the Women's championship/title. Get with the times. I understand if this is your own wannabe fan fiction but even then, make it realistic.

    Most of the people you have used are no longer in the WWE anyway. Out of all the champions you have listed, Jeff Hardy, Mickie James, Matt Morgan and Hernandez are not even in the WWE. There are only three champions in your article that are currently in the WWE, and two are for titles that don't even exist. Bobby Lashley is also not in the WWE as well as Angelina Love and one half of Lay Cool. Luke Gallows and Serena are also not in the WWE anymore. If you want so many TNA people, then write a TNA article, not a WWE SmackDown one.

    Also, there are some problems with your understanding of rules in the WWE. If Khali gets hit with the chair, then Khali wins by DQ, not Jeff Hardy. But your article clearly says "Jeff Hardy wins by DQ."

    The speech you used isn't good at all, and the promos are at a third grade level. The speech is very basic and a ten year old could write better promos than you. Promos are meant to build up matches, show confrontations or express emotion but your promos just suck.

    Your matches don't have much explanation for those of us who haven't read your previous stuff, if you have any. Are they there for a reason? Are the competitors feuding? Is it just random filler matches? If you have previous articles, you have to link them or give a recap or something.

    This is NOT good at all. It could be the worst I've ever read and I wouldn't be surprised if you were under 13 years old.

    BTW, if you are under 13 years old, you're not legally allowed to use Yahoo! Answers.

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  • twardy
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    Promo a million- 9/10 tournament a million-10/10 tournament 2- 9/10 Promo 2- 8/10 tournament 3- 8/10 Promo 3- 9/10 tournament 4- 10/10 basic- 9/10 good activity, yet what's a a hundred or 1000 tack tournament. added info tournament a million- 10/10, yet WWE could by no potential make women human beings do one in all those ingredient, winner astounding Kong. tournament 2- 10/10, winner, The puffed up Rey Mysterio tournament 3- 9/10, winners CenOrton tournament 4- 9/10, winners JeriEdge tournament 5- 8/10, Winner Kofi Kingston tournament 6- 9/10, Winner The Undertaker, - good PPV, make one in all your individual like, "First Blood" or "action picture star Struck 2010", yet you are able to shop Wrestlemania, Summerslam and Royal Rumble. desire I Helped.

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  • 9 years ago

    Promo 1- 10/10

    Match 1- 9/10

    Promo 2- 7/20

    Match 2- 6/10

    Match 3- 8/10

    Promo 3- 9/10

    Match 4- 9/10

    Match 5- 10/10

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  • 9 years ago

    Promo 1- 8/10

    Match 1- 7/10

    Promo 2- 8/10

    Match 2- 9/10

    Match 3- 9/10

    Promo 3- 8/10

    Match 4- 9/10

    Match 5- 6/10

    Overall Rating: 9.0/10

    Good Show

    TV Rating: 3.1

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  • 9 years ago

    Promo 1(10/10)(Best Promo)

    Match 1(9/10)

    Promo 2(10/10)

    Match 2(10/10)

    Match 3(8/10)

    Promo 3(10/10)

    Match 4(10/10)(Best Match)

    Post Match(10/10)

    Match 5(10/10)

    Post Match(10/10)

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  • Damn good edition Tony. I like the Booker T/ Scoot Steiner feud makes me wish me you and king cripple were writers for WWE LOL

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    69 Edition of Smackdown should have been something special. But you don't! That's definitely wrong and retarded! So this show is retarded and this show shows you have nothing better to do!

    Source(s): Fact
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  • 9 years ago


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