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How to get a life after video game addiction?

I started when i was 3 (1992) now i am 22. I kicked off from my high school because of san andreas. Then my parents sent me to my uncle in Denver. Unfortunately he was a gamer too. We bought that xbox 360 and i quoted college, started to smoke some weed. We almost played 18 hours a day. We ate pizzas and drunk much red bulls. I had some health problems later. I had no friends even i didn't know internet. Few days ago dad came to uncle's home to check out what is happening. We talked many things that night and since that night i wanted to change my life. But i don't know how. My family is going to live in Congo but i am going to stay here. OR should i go to Congo with them? Please help!


When i was a child i wanted to become a taxi driver.

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    It sounds like you have nothing to lose. Going with them might be quite an adventure and you'll actually find yourself living life as it should be. There might not be much technology there, so it would be a drastic change in your life. This will force you to be active and interact with people. You might find you like that lifestyle and forget about video games after a while.

    You could also try to get a degree of some sort, even just from your local community college would be fine, and you might learn a lot and love your life and meet many people you like in a career of your choice. Video games could still be a part of your life then-- you could learn how to program games or develop the non-technical assets like concepts and stories. Or you could go in a completely different direction. There are literally millions of different careers out there, and a variety of degrees you could get. If your parents won't pay for college, you could try getting a full time job and earn some money to eventually pay for school.

    What an unfortunate lifestyle you have lived for so many years. I'm sure it was fun for the time being, but to truly live life, you have to get away from the controller and interact with people, use your brain, and accomplish something. You know how rewarding it is to beat a game-- imagine feeling that in everyday life with whatever you choose to do.

    Good luck in life.

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    Well try to isolate yourself from your problem. Meaning, go to Congo.

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    10 years ago

    find a girl friend

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