The Public Sector at it again?

Every year 1 or 2 public sector forces go on strike demanding more pay and more holiday. Now with the financial crisis when EVERYONE is suffering they complain they have to work longer and pay a bit more by getting a pension on average earnings rather than whatv their final salary is. I heard person after person use the same excuses "we dont want to strike" "we never caused the financial crisis" they act as though they can get and do what they like when everyone else around them is losing thier jobs or taking pay cuts

so do you think its right that the public sector are striking when everyone else is had to suck it up

P.S to give you an idea of what they are doin. They are at a fancy restaurant and are told they spent too much last time so can only afford the soup, so they throw a strop in the restaurant demanding a steak regardless.

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  • 9 years ago
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    What do you mean, everyone is suffering? Like the directors and CEO's that have awarded themselves an average of 35% hike in wages and benefits this last twelve months? Trouble is the workers haven't struck enough. And instead of attacking what's left of the working class, we all should be supporting them and attacking the politicians that for years have failed to keep our living standards equal and level.

  • Dave M
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    9 years ago

    I've worked in both sectors and some of those public sector types do not know they are born. Some of them do not know what a days work is. A public sector job is waaaaaay more secure than private, not to mention cushy. All the perks. In my old job, if I didn't show up I didn't get paid for the hours I missed, I got a shittty overtime rate. In the public sector I get 3 clear days paid before I have to provide sick lines. Time and a half, double time, the lot.

    I currently work in the public sector, one woman I work with is 10 minutes late EVERY SINGLE DAY, she does not make this time back. This shitt would not be tolerated in the private sector for more than a week. She's been doing this since I came here 3 years ago. It's outrageous. Aside from that she is absolutely crap at her job. I've worked with teenagers fresh out of school, doing the same thing who do a better job than this roaster and she's been here over 10 years. Bitchh is about as much use as a pair of socks to a guy with no feet.

    When I came here there was a lot of work to do, now there isn't. So I started to consider what my next move would be, fully expecting to be made redundant. Didn't happen, they renewed my contract until January next year. I assume there is work in the pipeline. As it is I sit online all day and get paid for it, occasionally I'll be asked to do something that takes maybe an hour at the most. That's it. I am bored out of my titts.

    I can understand why they're pisssed off at the pension thing though. I mean when you sign up for a pension and pay into it for years it's just not funny when some fuckkwit politician comes along and changes the rules. This is why I have no pension scheme. I wouldn't trust those prickks as far as I could kick them. I also smoke, I don't eat healthy, I drink when I can and don't expect to see much past 70 so I don't see the point in paying into a pension scheme. I'll spend my money now thank you.

    As for the private sector, it sucks so bad that if you can get out of it I'd have to recommend it. Simply because you would be doing less work for more money and you get all the public holidays, 28 days annual leave. The last private sector job I worked in operated on the very boundary of the law and it was just soul destroying.

  • 3 years ago

    In WI the difficulty isn't the advantages as they have outwardly pronounced they are going to take a decrease of their advantages. it fairly is not relating to the funds by way of fact removing collective bargaining rights would not do a factor for the funds, however the cuts they have already agreed to could. you apart from mght could bear in recommendations that union workers pay taxes too. And that many deepest sector anybody is at the back of them each of how. the only family member I even have that's a republican additionally happens to be a Milwaukee firefighter.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    because they signed a contract for those conditions if they break there contracts they suffer so it should be the same both ways if your employer demanded more money from you and more hours work and said you could not retire until your seventy without losing a big chunk of cash would you not be angry cos i would sometimes strikes are the only way don't see the mps giving up anything do you no they always pick on the workers so they should stick up for there rights no one else will

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    They get a ridiculously comfy job. I think it's between 30 and 40 holidays for them a year not including bank holidays and sick days. Salaries are too high. Training is very good (even Masters degrees can be funded) but they are under no obligation to stay after being trained so many come get the training then get real work elsewhere shafting the taxpayer.

    Even if its not perfect I would rather see a lot of the office workers get sacked so more can be invested in teachers, policemen and nurses who actually do work and need more staff - and are also the ones who do not go on strike because their jobs are too important.

  • 9 years ago

    I think public sector workers should enter the real world. Lots of people who work in the private sector have lost their jobs, why should the public sector be any different? The UK used to have one of the best private pension systems in Europe, many companies operated final salary pension schemes, then Labour raided the pension schemes. Now, nearly all the final salary schemes have closed and many people don't have a pension at all.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Only a minotity of staff voted and only a minority of the voters voted to strike. Come the day only a few staff will strike. Besides a member of staff cannot change the terms of their contract with the employer and Why don't executives suffer the same cuts seeing as they are the fools who wrecked the economy.?

  • 9 years ago

    The public sector have for many years enjoyed above inflation pay rises, public funded pensions and improved working conditions, things the private sector and self-employed can only dream of. The biggest joke of all of course is that teachers are going on strike; this was announced in the same week that several primary schools are to become academies as they are failing and that schools that fail to achieve an average GCE pass rate (A to C) for 50 % (YES JUST HALF!) of their pupils then they too will be taken over. They are failing their students. And with 13 weeks holiday a year and numerous teacher study days taken in term time (not during their excessive holidays) who the hell will notice anyway?

  • 9 years ago

    They think that such actions will help their cause - but many will come to regret this attitude in time to come - and so they should.

    The trouble is, that they will drag us all down with them.

    Lots of people are working hard under much more difficult conditions for far less reward - and they will certainly suffer the backwash from all this thoughtless action!

    Mind you, this is the society in which we live these days - self, self, self and greed, greed, greed!

  • 9 years ago

    Quite right.

    What is more, although some of the public sector do a useful job, many of them are simply deadweight. When the government is spending around half (yes, it's true: in round figures 50%) of everything everyone in this country earns, things have got out of balance. The wealth-creating sector is being starved while the spending sector is overfed.

    You wouldn't expect Oxford to win the boat-race if they had eight weaselly wimpy starvelings at the oars and an elephant in the cox's seat.

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