How to clear my skin naturally???

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ive tried so many things and am seriously self consious I wANT TO CLEAR MY SKIN NATURALLY i have sorta dry sensitive skin , very pale cause i dont want skin damage, and have tried more
Update : i have scars also PLEASE how do i get rid of them thanks
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I HAD a dry sensitive skin prone to acne, blackheads, enlarged pores, and had acne scars and this safe natural treatment completely & permanently rid my skin of them all and gave me a totally clear, blemish free, healthy and glowing skin. And it is no longer sensitive.
There's no quicker, better cure and it's helped many on Answers (See testimonials below ##).
Some reported results in 3 days. Use a natural oil - extra virgin olive oil works really well. It is noncomedogenic, so does not clog, cause breakouts.Quite vigorously massage over and over again.( First tighten face skin by partially opening mouth and buy pulling lips firmly back against teeth) The massaging friction literally rubs them away. Use both hands and do a forward and back massage using front and tips of fingers and palms depending where on face you massage. As skin adjusts make it more vigorous and do for longer. If do for 20 min or more daily - not necessarily in one session - you will see fast results. It also gives skin a radiantly healthy glow and tightens it. Olive oil is a natural moisturizer so you will not need to use any other. Do not remove. Only wipe away surface excess with water and tissues. Try it - you will be happy that you did! It really works!

"Please Help!.......I Have severe acne. i have tried all remedies for that. Proactiv and all the other stuff-nothing seems to work. i feel like so dead. my life gets all screwed up due to acne . please give me some dependable remedy"

"Please read this response I received from feroz who had suffered from acne for 12 years and had tried countless treatments and only got rid of it completely and permanently using the treatment.
"From: frz187. Hey Mukunda this is feroz. Thank you so much, I'm officially acne free after 2 1/ 2 weeks. If it wasn't for your advice I don't know what I would have done...What helped me with mine was vigorously rubbing in olive oil washing it off then applying neat lavender oil to infected areas(the eruptions). "

Asker's Rating(Arshad):5 out of 5
Asker's Comment: "thank you very much. it works! Half of my acne has gone/.".......Received just two weeks after asking question and starting treatment.
And of course I have many others as I first gave the acne cure on Answers over 5 years ago

SOURCE(S): Many years researcher/consultant - safe natural treatments/cures for skin conditions, skin enhancement and anti aging/ rejuvenation.treatments
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  • Rachel answered 3 years ago
    I have bad skin too. when i use certain products on my skin it goes very bumpy and flaky then within a day or two my whole face will erupt in tiny white boils... they're not quite like spots..its all very odd.
    Anyway.. i was told to use rosewater (buy it in any good supermarket for like 92p per bottle) and use it as a cleanser- don't use a flannel just buy some cotton wool as its much softer to the skin and harbors less bacteria. After i have cleansed my face i put a vitamin c face serum on my face (from the body shop) .. at night i use a cotton ear bud and cover it in tea tree oil and lightly rub it over my spots- it removes the bacteria and dries out the spot. I am also i bit of a spot picker (bad i know but i cant help it) so i have scars too :( - several people have recommended using lemon juice on them.
    Once a day i get a teabag and put it in warm water - rip it open and rub the contents over my face.. it is a very gentle exfoliater. There is also something in the tea which gives it its colour... which ends up on your face.. makes you look a little browner! :)
    Have a nice day
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  • ocealanr answered 3 years ago
    Wash your face twice a day with a good gentle cleanser. Use warm water and the cleanser to make a foam and then rinse well. Never scrub hard or you risk breaking out more.
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  • Anna.Olivia4 answered 3 years ago
    try not to touch your face a lot and try to wash your pillow cases often because the oils of your face go on your pillow and can irritate your face. or somethin like that :P
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  • Alec Drury answered 3 years ago
    for acne, i use acanya and differin. they both work amazingly. my dermatologist precsribed them to me, theyre expensive, but if u just use coupons, theyre cheap. it helps dry the pimple out, before developing any worse. also, for scarring, i had a lot of discoloration on my back. if you go to walgreens, u can buy something called porcelana, and that "tells the cells" to stop producion the melanin, so the brown will go away. if that makes since?? hope i helped :)
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  • musicnlife94 answered 3 years ago
    IM DOING THE SAMEE THING. (clearing naturally) okay so u have to understand that it takes weeks to have this happen and continue drinking alot of water, get the blood to flow, continue eating veggies, don't put too much citric acid in any of the natural facials. use milk in your facials to make your skin soft & for blackheads, take steam and then use this tool (i forgot what its called but use it to remove your blackheads) for acne scars, colgate. it worked for me, but not for my friend, so if i were you, test it towards a scar thats towards the corner of your face and for that..take a little bit and give yourself the spot treatment for your whole face. after a few weeks, you'll notice the differencee! goodluck and dont give up & dont continuously switch your routines because that'll slow down the process
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  • Juvenal answered 3 years ago
    Buy 7 small towels about the size of your face and at night put a towel between you and your pillow. Repeat every night with a new clean towel after use just wash them and repeat every day.
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  • Brandy Ashurst answered 3 years ago
    For pimples, clean and clear..that's for me....ddry skin, lotion with done!
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