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What happens if the Pittsburgh Pirates win the NL Central? Will they make a movie about it?


losing team for 20 consecutive seasons shock the world and win the division as the ultimate underdogs.

Based on a true story -- they can include C Chris Snyder's wife getting attacked by that muslim guy at the gas station.

Also a love story between Clint Hurdle and a woman develops.

McCutchen is like the Wille Mays Hayes, Hanrahan the shut down closer, etc

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    Realignment will justify moving Pirates to AL East.

  • 3 years ago

    regrettably for you the hockey followers do no longer take kindly to others in those boards, yet fortuitously for you i'm a baseball fan that solutions merely about all those questions (nevertheless often interior the baseball area). First, i'm a Cardinals fan, so whilst it consists of baseball it truly is the NL needed and then something of the league that gets my interest. As a Cardinals fan, I could say I constantly watch for enjoying the pirates because of the fact it often potential we take a minimum of two/3. the priority with the pirates is that any little skills they generate looks sent off to a distinctive group (i've got heard rumors that Jason Bay is going bye bye). a substantial league group shouldn't provide the visual attraction of a farm group, yet this looks what's happening. The Pittsburgh followers seem to be exceptionally unswerving (and that that they had could acquire the recent Pirates conflict), so it truly is unhappy to tell you that it is not going that they're going to win the NL needed contained in here couple of years until administration makes a decision to construct communities rather than gamers. The worst information for the Pirates is this season created here phantasm: the NL needed is susceptible, because of the fact the competition this year for the NL needed playoff spot became between 2 communities that have been rather retaining over .500. it could seem a non-stellar group could seize that playoff spot, for that reason giving desire. in actual actuality the Pirates have performed next to no longer something to strengthen, whilst the consensus is that Milwaukee is merely going to get extra appropriate, the Cubs are finally keen to grant prevailing a shot and the Cardinals had pitching issues galore which would be a great deal more suitable for 2008 (if wood worker comes decrease back healthful there's no reason the enjoying cards can no longer prepare a season nicely over the .500 mark). The reds additionally employed Dusty Baker, which whilst Cincinnati could be complaining with regard to the flow, I say the guy have been given the Giants AND the Cubs (2 communities no longer synonmous with prevailing) no longer basically into the playoffs yet a international sequence visual attraction for San Fran and NLCS appearace for Chicago (which because of the fact the tale is going could have been international sequence if no longer for Steve Bartman). finally, Houston, by no potential cared lots for the ASStros and that they seem to be a no longer uncomplicated group to gauge overall performance smart. I desire good success to the Pirates, yet regrettably they are going to prefer quite a number of it.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    "Pirates of the Steel City: The Curse of Captain Barry Bonds-bosa"

    Source(s): I'd watch it.
  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    They'll just get sweept in the first round, no movie.

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  • 9 years ago

    they sure will when they win it in 3015 the movie will be in 12D

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