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Why don't Christians reject the The Photon Theory of Light Energy?

Or The Theory of Electromagnetism? Or The Theory of Molecular Bonds? Or even The Theory of Homeostasis within Living Organisms, The Constructivist Theory of Learning & The theories of self and development of mental processes in the brain?

Why is it that Christians (some of them) only reject scientific theories that directly contradict their preconceived notions. Namely, the Big Bang Theory, Theory of Abiogenesis & the Theory of Evolution?

If you reject the sciences that lead us to these conclusions, to remain intellectually honest, you have to reject the same science that leads us to the others.


@ Skeptikitten - LOL, which verse is that?

Update 2:

@ Irony - Don't give me Einstein quote mines. Einstein believed the laws of the natural world were the sum of god. To UNDERSTAND science is to know god as far as we are able to at this moment in time.

Update 3:

@ Schmoolie - First of all, that's a huge appeal to ignorance fallacy.

Secondly, your god's not the only god, NOR THE FIRST, to be referred to as the "light of the world."

That title has also been bestowed upon Guatama & Mithra.

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    because christians are not anti science.

    And because anti-christians use those theories to try to disprove christianity.

    so christians ask them to prove it

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    some Christians have faith evolution does away with a writer God. the belief additionally contradicts the introduction tale as set out in Genesis, and it truly is a few thing that Creationist Christians merely can not settle for. The fixity of species is challenged - in accordance to Genesis, God made all life suited to its respective ecosystem and not that life developed from one species to a distinctive. The evolutionary theory stressful circumstances the honor of the human guy or woman - being made interior the "photograph and likeness" of God. finally, they could say that evolution is largely a theory, and that there are lacking links and inconsistencies with info which incorporate fossil info. different Christians who have faith in the two evolution and God are observed as Theistic Evolutionists. they could say that it became God who began the approach of evolution, which exhibits that he's an ever-working smart innovations in the back of the approach of introduction. they could argue that human beings are the pinnacle of His introduction, and that we are imbued with a soul.

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    Xians are only interested in setting up mental machinery that tries to do impossible things like "adore" god; and "turn your life over to christ" rather than "selling your soul to the devil". We can't do these things because our lives are not our own to GIVE ab initio. They ALREADY belong to God.

    Once this perverted mental machinery is in place to disrupt the human psychology, they can send you onward to war as " Xian soldiers" and serve as the drones of the preachers, kings, rulers, and lords. It's no accident that the word "Lord" had two meanings in the middle ages--the Lord God above, & the feudal lord of the fiefdom. It's all about the political domination and submission of the masses to the elites.

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    Don't forget the Germ Theory of Disease. The Bible says that disease is caused by demons! Teach the controversy!


    Luke 7:2, Luke 8:2, Acts 19:12-16, Matthew 10:1, Matthew 9:32-33, Luke 13:11-16, to name just a few.

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    I have a question for you. Jesus, of the trinity, is referred to as the light of the world. Why is it that when scientists do the slit test, that is when they fire one photon at a time through a target with two slits instead of seeing one pattern of light on the other side or two, instead they see three? Then when they set up sensors to try to study the phenomenon it reverts to two patterns. My God is an awesome God. He really is the light of the world.

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    Given the number of Creationists I've seen claim that matter is made of light I would have to say they don't reject it because they don't understand it well enough to understand the problems it poses to their theology.

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    I don't think the majority of Christians have a clue what any of those things are. I'm an atheist, I'm very into science and I don't have a clue what some of those are myself lol.

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    You think they care about being intellectually honest?

    Most are taught that anyone who doesn't agree with you is working for satan, and unless you want to go to hell you should ignore them.

    That's a damning principle to get around.

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    As a christian and a scientist I think of science as a means of "how" and religion as a means of "why".

    "Science without religion is lame and religion without science is blind" - Albert Einstein.

    The point is life is way to complex and science does not offer enough evidence whereas religion fills every loophole except for proof of it's own existance.

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    GOD facepalms at your endless laboratory mythologies and theories.

    Job 38:2 - "Who is this that darkeneth counsel by words without knowledge?"

    EDIT: @Hee_Jun: I have a bulk sized box of tissue for you. I keep it handy for people like you. I'm that thoughtful and kind.

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