where can i find a place to train for acting for someone my age?

i am 19 years old and have always loved doing school plays and things like that. when i was in high school i took a theatre arts class and fell in love with it. i seriously want to break into acting but i am now 19 years old and have no idea where to start i feel like its too late and too expensive. i never had the money before but now i have a full time job and i am willing to do whatever it takes. i looked at acting camps but they are all for children and young teens please please please help me i want this more than anyone can imagine.

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    Telling us where you are would help.

    But if you're serious, you would go to either LA or NY so,

    In LA:

    Cold Reading/Auditioning

    -Margie Haber

    -Annie Grindlay

    -Saxon Trainor

    -Brian Reise

    -Robert D'Avanzo

    -Amy Lyndon


    -Hey, I Saw Your Commercial!

    -Chris Game

    -Stuart K. Robinson

    -Stuart Stone

    -Killian McHugh

    -Francine Selkirk-Akerman

    -Carolyne Barry



    -Second City

    -Upright Citizens Brigade

    -Improv Olympic

    -Cynthia Szigeti

    Scene Study/Acting (It varies. Some schools are not for everyone. Chubbuck, Eric Morris, and Howard Fine are not for people who aren't fans of Strasberg or Uta Hagen (ie. affective memory and substitution.) Playhouse West, Joanne Baron/DW Brown, Elizabeth Mestnik, and Acting Corps are more Meisner oriented. Try to audit these places and make sure if they're for you or not.

    -Doug Warhit

    -Stephen Book

    -Diana Castle

    -Beverly Hills Playhouse

    -Howard Fine

    -Stella Adler

    -Elizabeth Mestnik

    -Ivanna Chubbuck

    -Joanne Baron/D.W. Brown

    -Tom Todoroff

    -Playhouse West

    -Aaron Speiser

    -Acting Corps

    -Vinny Guastaferro

    -Anthony Meindl


    -Lesly Kahn

    In NY:

    -William Esper

    -HB Studios

    -Stella Adler

    -T. Schreiber

    -Weist Baron

    -Upright Citizens Brigade

    -Margie Haber

    -Redwall Productions (Rosalyn Coleman)

    -Neighborhood Playhouse

    -Circle in the Square

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    10 years ago

    would help to know where you are. where your located will determine what opportunities are available. look in the phone book for acting instruction or in one of the acting trade magazines like VARIETY,HOLLYWOOD REPORTER or

    BACKSTAGE. acting classes and open auditions will be listed. look around you for community theaters,classes are held at some theaters. you don't need a camp, just find some classes.

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