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What is the average cost for a cruise from Baltimore, MD to Bermuda for 2 seniors?

In this economy, I am praying to find a great deal on a 5 day cruise for my parents ages 80 and 65. I would like to send them around their B-day which would be Oct 29 & 30 of this year because their B-days are to back-to-back, I thought this would be a great surprise because they have never been on a curise before.

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    You can cruise from Baltimore to Bermuda for between $500 and $1000. per person, depending upon the type cabin you select. There are just a couple cruise lines departing from Baltimore to Bermuda, Royal Caribbean and Carnival.

    You can get a Royal Caribbean cruise departing Saturday Oct 29th:

    You could get them tickets for two in an outside cabin for about $1500 including all taxes and port fees. The only thing additional they would have to pay for would be gratuities of $11.50 per person per day, and then any alcoholic drinks they may buy. The total for their gratuities would be $115.00 for the five days.

    You can reserve a cruise by (1) booking on line; (2) by calling the cruise line, or (3) through a travel agent. You will pay at booking the minimum deposit which will be $250 per person. The balance will be due approximately 60 days before the cruise departure date. If you book within about 60 days of the cruise you will have to pay the full amount. The price of your cruise includes your cabin, all meals (including breakfast, lunch dinner, snacks and free room service), free admissions to all shows and entertainment, and free use of all facilities on ship like the pools, hots tubs, gym, disco, etc,., except spa services. The things that you will have to pay for are gratuities (tips) alcoholic drinks and soft drinks, photos that you want, any tours from the ship you want to take, spa services like massages, and internet service. Gratuities will be about $11.50 per day per person and cover the cabin steward, waiter and assistant and the Matre'd. Other tips are added to drink orders at a rate of 15%.

    The ship that they would cruise on is called the Enchantment of the Seas and I have cruised on it and it's a nice ship.

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    I just took a quick look and the October 29th sailing on the enchantment of the Seas, 5-nights to Bermuda for two adults in an interior stateroom including all the taxes and port fees currently is $1173 - Let me know if you have any questions, I would be more than willing to get you more info.

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    Check with a travel agency or check out some travel websites. Cruises vary in price by company, time of year, and lenght.

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