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Books by or about Charles Taylor?

Are there any good books written about Charles Taylor, i heard some stories of him lately so i want to read up on him plus am from west africa so i need to know more about the tyrants that plagued our land lol

am not really looking for an autobiography cause i just hate them


Edit: Charles taylor from Liberia not canada also i know nothing of the guy am trying to read up so that whole tyrant thing is something i got from a conversation.

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  • 9 years ago
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    America’s runaway prisoner : ruined little America / Thomas Kai Toteh

    Behind rebel line : anatomy of Charles Taylor’s hostage camps / by Bayo Ogunleye

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  • 9 years ago

    A Secular Age by Charles Taylor (Sep 20, 2007)

    2. Amazon's Complete Selection of Charles Taylor Books


    3. Sources of the Self: The Making of the Modern Identity by Charles Taylor (Mar 1, 1992)

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    he was recently pictured with nelson mandela and naomi campbell , charles taylor gave blood diamonds to mandela , which only came out at the naomi trial at the hague , mandela is a multimillionaire so beware the so called good guys , we all know who the bad guys are

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