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In what order do you read the Sin City comics?

Iv'e got:

A Dame To Kill for

Hell and Back - A Sin City Love Story

One Shots

Sin City (Violent Marv)

That Yellow Bastard,

The Big Fat Kill.

So in which order?

Thanks for your help

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    I'd read them in the order they were published. The stories do tend to weave in and out of each other, but the references tend to be easier to "spot" and to understand when you read the books in the order Frank Miller wrote them. My recommendation would be to read the books you have in the following order:

    Sin City (Violent Marv) - I'm assuming this is "The Hard Goodbye" which is Miller's first Sin City story and the one that most heavily involves Marv.

    A Dame To Kill For

    The Big Fat Kill

    That Yellow Bastard

    One Shots - I'm assuming that this is "Booze, Broads, and Bullets" which collects all of the one-off Sin City stories that Miller did. A lot of these are smaller stories, but a couple introduce Delia, a character who factors pretty heavily into "Hell and Back."

    Hell and Back - A Sin City Love Story

    I would also recommend picking up "Family Values" at some point, which would go before "Hell and Back" on the "reading order" I've provided.

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    Sin City Comics

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