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Why did Richard have Rivers, Vaughn and Grey killed?

This is in Shakespeare's Richard III. Why did Richard have those 3 killed?

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    Richard opens the play by declaring all in England is well, except with himself. Richard III convinces Edward IV to send his own brother Clarence to gaol because his name starts with a G (George, Duke of Clarence). Hastings, recently released from gaol, and Richard go to see the sickly King Edward IV. On the way, Richard III meets AnnNeville (Warwick's daughter), widow of Edward, Henry VI's son, who is transferring Henry VI's body to his funeral. Richard III tells Anne that he killed them because he loves her. He even gets her to like him. At the London palace Queen Elizabeth (Edward IV's wife) informs Rivers and Grey that Richard III would be the protector if Edward IV dies. [Dorset and Grey are Elizabeth's children by a different husband than Edward IV; Rivers is her brother]. Richard III enters and fights with Queen Elizabeth about his loyalties and intentions.

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    It was a factional struggle. They would have done the same to Richard, so who cares?

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