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我很急~~ 請大家幫幫忙 將下面的自我介紹翻成英文 謝謝幫忙



在小學階段 我曾被推舉成為全校模範生

當我國中時 由於成績不錯

在努力維持成績下 便考取了理想的高中



而在專業方面 目前也取得了 化學丙級 化工丙級 以及化學乙級三張證照

在未來還要參加化工乙級考試 依照我的努力 我有自信可以取得這張證照

在我的人際關係方面 由於我開朗的個性

也樂於幫助同學 傾聽他們的心事 並且協助他們 因此結交了不少知心的好朋友-

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    I was born in a happy family

    I am very glad I have a pair of very supportive of my parents

    at the primary school stage I had been elected to become a model student

    When the results are pretty good because when China

    trying to maintain the results they obtain under ideal High School

    and the class still maintain a certain level of

    has also been recommended as one semester of a teacher, vice squad

    in the professional aspects of the chemical C is also made chemicals and chemical B C three licenses

    in the future but also participate in accordance with chemical B test I have confidence in my efforts to obtain this license

    in my personal relationships because I am cheerful personality

    are happy to help students listen to their thoughts and to help them make a lot of so intimate a friend -

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