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using ICS between 2 computers using an ethernet cord + a crossover cable. Would this work?

I'm planning to attempt to get Internet Connection Sharing working between two computers. The only problem is that my crossover cable isn't long enough, so I'm thinking about extending it with an ethernet cord. So basically, the setup is this:

-Connect a regular Cat5 cable to the client PC

-Have the other end of the cable connected to a crossover cable, using a coupler

-Connect the crossover cable to the host PC

Would this work?


Or, I could modify the regular Cat5 cable and turn it into a crossover one, then it would be two crossover cables connected together. What about that?

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    Tha's going to work if you use a RJ45 + coupler + RJ45 or RG45 + coupler + RJ11 conectors.That is, if you have the right coulper.

    RJ45 is Ethernet port.

    RJ11 is telephone.


    And, crossover cable is made of CAT5, .

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    I tried this once but it didn't work for me..standard cat5 and crossovers don't work in the same way. You might need a reliable adapter to do the connection :)

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    there is extra effective than one thank you to try this, are you utilising winxp? If the two your structures have community card you basically could get a crossover cable as a standard cable won't artwork. as quickly as you have the staggering cable plug it into each and each device and with xp it is going to exceptionally lots will look after each little thing for you. you would be able to could call them an identical workgroup. in the adventure that your OS is something older then WinXP there's a splash extra setup in contact to do it this form. otherwise they make USB cable you are able to run between structures. you are able to constantly pull the perplexing stress with the information and slave it to the perplexing stress you prefer to flow it to and merely replica them over and shifting the perplexing stress from one device to the different could basically take a minute or 2.

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