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How do achieve balance on a horse?

How do achieve balance on a horse, so you don't wobble on the horse?

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    Firstly make sure that the saddle fits YOU as well as the horse. If the saddle is too big and the stirrups are positioned too far forwards for your leg position then you will never achieve balance as your leg will be swinging backwards and forwards all the time.

    As you ride the horse, get someone to video you. The correct body and leg position for balance is to imagine that if someone took the horse away, you would still be standing on your feet, not falling on your face or your butt. If you cannot hold this position easily, change the saddle to one that allows it.

    Once the saddle is sorted, then it is time to work on your balance. Put a neck strap on the horse and get someone to lunge you both without reins. Practice standing up in the stirrups for as long as you can without falling back onto the saddle. This is very hard at first and you will need to hold the neck strap to help but as your balance gets better you will find that the pressure on the neck strap decreases. Soon you will be able to let go of the strap and remain standing. Do this at walk first and then move to trot. Only when you have mastered this can you have really good balance - by the way, the good news is that canter is the easiest one to master, but you must be balanced at the walk and trot first!!

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    Natasha's answer was very informative. One other thing that helped me a lot was; keep your weight behind your knees. You will never fall off if you do this.

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