Who would win these matches(EWE)?

*Results for 2011 'Destruction Welcomed' can be checked out in the EWE website in my profile.*

Event#1: Co-Chairmen of the show, Shaun Cold and Thomas Rule are the openers to start off the night. Shaun Cold says that the last pay-per-view was one very successful, but he shouldn't wonder why, seeing as both himself and Thomas Rule were in control of it. Shaun Cold says he wonders how the former Chairman, Joey is feeling after he was run-down 2 months ago? Shaun Cold tells Joey to "get well soon" as he hands Thomas Rule the mic. Thomas Rule says: "For our opening match tonight, the lovely Kelly Kelly will be in action against Tara and I will be in the corner of Kelly Kelly." Rule hands the mic back over to Shaun Cold, as Shaun says: "And I feel tonight needs a blockbuster main event, much like Destruction Welcomed. Which is why in this ring it's gonna be Austin Aries in the main event defending his newly won EWE Heavyweight title belt against non-other than Thomas Rule's opponent a few week's ago, Desmond Wolfe! The EWE X-Division Champion!" With that said, Shaun Cold exits the ring, while Thomas Rule awaits the arrival of Kelly Kelly for her match against Tara.

1. Kelly Kelly w/Thomas Rule vs. Tara

AFTER THE MATCH: A brawl breaks out between Kelly Kelly and Tara, nothing settled in the ring. Madison Rayne and Beth Phoenix then run down to the ring, making this a 3-on-1 situation for Kelly Kelly as Gail Kim runs to the aid of Kelly Kelly. Thomas Rule gets an idea then. He says Madison Rayne and Beth Phoenix against Gail Kim and a partner of Shaun Cold's choice. And Gail's partner is.......AWESOME KONG!

2. Tag Team match:

Madison Rayne/Beth Phoenix vs. Gail Kim/Awesome Kong

Event#2: *EWE Intercontinental Champion, Randy Orton walks into Shaun Cold's office.* Randy asks Shaun for a match tonight. Shaun says: "Randy, you'd better give it your all if you wanna match tonight because I've gotta match in mind." Randy tells Shaun that he gives it his all every time he steps into the ring. Tonight will be no different. Shaun Cold tells Randy he's gotta handicap match against the DiBiase's. Orton says: "Thank you, sir." as he walks out.

3. 2-on-1 Handicap match:

Randy Orton(c) vs. Ted & Brett DiBiase w/Million Dollar Man(ringside)

Event#3: The #1 Contender for the EWE Extreme title, Mark Henry is being interviewed by Gregory Helms about his upcoming title match at EWE's next pay-per-view. Gregory Helms asks Henry if he plans to share his strategy going into his title match? Henry laughs and says he needs no strategy. He's the World's Strongest Man and that's not just another nickname. Henry says to watch what he does in that ring.

4. Mark Henry vs. Luke Gallows

Main Event: EWE World Heavyweight Championship!


Austin Aries(World title) vs. Desmond Wolfe(X-Division title)

Event#4: Shaun Cold is in his office, alongside Thomas Rule and Kelly Kelly. Shaun tells Rule that he really enjoys the power that goes along with being Chairman. Thomas Rule reminds Shaun that Rule's also in control of the show and his power will come back into play next week, as Kelly Kelly still has unfinished business with Tara. Shaun says he's fine with that. *Show goes off-air.*

Give this edition of EWE a rating and answer the WQ below.

WQ: If Kurt Angle and Daniel Bryan had 2 matches- A WRESTLING match in TNA iMPACT!(Kurt Angle vs. Bryan Danielson) and a match in the WWE(Daniel Bryan vs. Kurt Angle), who do u most likely see being victorious in both matches?(I put envious on the word "wrestling" bcuz the WWE doesn't wanna b associated with that word, lol)

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  • 9 years ago
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    WQ: I'd say Kurt Angle in both.

    Kelly Kelly after ducking a Closeline and getting a Roll Up

    Awesome Kong and Gail Kim after an Awesome Bomb on Rayne

    Randy Orton after the RKO on Brett

    Mark Henry after a Worlds Strongest Slam

    No Contest after Aries picks him up over his head while standing on the announce table. Aries drops him with a Brainbuster, but Wolfe knees Aries in the head while falling, they both go through the table and the ref counts to 10.


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  • 9 years ago


    2.gail kim and awesome kong

    3.Ted & Brett DiBiase

    4.luke gallows

    WQ:kurt angle

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  • 3 years ago

    If each and each of the wrestlers were of their best.. then id pass with rock, stone chilly, eddie, bret and rick impolite. of route in the journey that they wasnt then theyll lose because the Rock is the purely wrestler out of the 5 that can try hostile to. Stone chilly has undesirable knees, Bret Hart remains convalescing from his stroke and Rick impolite & Eddie are lifeless.

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  • 9 years ago


    awesome kong and gail kim



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