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Is it possible to write have a triple major AND write THREE senior honors theses in college in FOUR years?

I know this is impossible for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) majors. I am talking about the "easy" majors, less intensive majors, such as Communication or Philosophy.

I am thinking about triple majoring in Film Studies, English, and Communication. Film Studies requires 15 courses to complete, English--11, and the Communication department at my school allows two courses maximum from other departments film, English, media arts, etc. for fulfillment of the major, for a total of 8 courses.

I am going to be informal. Is this possible? Don't say it makes me crazy. Don't say it makes me lose creativity. Don't say that it makes me lose my intellectual curiosity--I read often, even physics books. =P


Omit the first "write."


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    I think it would be impossible in any combination of majors for the vast majority of students. Something would have to give -- either not having three majors or not finishing in four years. You have to consider that you have to meet requirements beyond those of your major, since most schools also require various general education courses. And senior honors theses are typically closer to graduate-level work in the field than undergraduate-level work. It could be possible if you take course overloads every semester and/or take courses during the longer break periods (summer and winter). But I don't think this is reasonable for most people or something most students can handle.

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    A triple considerable is extremely pushing it.... i could propose you double considerable for technology and company and have a minor in a language. i do no longer understand what your degree standards are, yet probability is you have already got a language requirement to fulfill so i individually do no longer see the % for a minor. many faculties do no longer even enable triple majors; this is in many circumstances 2 considerable and a minor or a million considerable and a pair of minors are allowed. in case you may no longer % what you %, you need to take some day off. even nonetheless it does not sound to me such as you fairly LOVE any of those thoughts. this is as in case you communicate them basically in view which you're able to doing them. yet what do you % to try this'll make you chuffed? additionally, evaluate which you will consistently learn what you % now, get your bachelor's degree and then circulate to grad college and you gets a grasp's in something else there. you additionally can declare your considerable as universal analyze for the 1st 2 or 3 years, take a form of courses interior the fields you're fascinated in, and then % your considerable once you have had some exposure and you're specific.

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