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Things to do on the internet when you're bored ?

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    The following are free:

    League of Legends



    Myspace - (videos and music) my profile sucks

    Watch free streaming sports on Yahoo! like hockey (final game was tonight)

    Yahoo! Answers

    Dungeons and Dragons (i dont play) (no download required)

    F. E. A. R. (i dont have it, but it's a huge online first person shooter)

    Crossfire (same as FEAR)

    Download Emulators (check out Visualboy Advance) then maybe look up a tutorial on youtube on how to use it.

    Listen to music (New Owl City Album came out)

    Mess around on forums of all kinds

    and much more just ask. I even have been learning some computer programming of my own.

    EDIT: more here:

    Netflix (has a monthly cost, but free the fist month)

    News on Yahoo! or Bing!

    Southpark Studios (stream all episodes for free)

    Source(s): i get bored all the time. also check out
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    Read about the internet's most famous manchild on the CWCWiki:

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