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Saiga 12 sight help!?

I plan on putting the MAGPUL MBUS GEN 2 SIGHT on my Saiga 12, does anyone know if that will work on my saiga.. or how hard would it be to make it work? Also if you know a different iron sight that may be easier for far range please tell me your opinions. I'm adding the iron sight as a combination with my Eotech 512 red dot sight.


That was actually my next thing to find out what would be better, smooth bore or rifle. I'm not sure which to do yet, I'm building this gun mainly as a home defense weapon. I've read that smooth bore and rifle each shoot specific rounds and are for different reasons.. I read that rifled barrels are better for shooting slugs but they only take sabot slugs and wont shoot bird shot,and that smooth bore works for shot but is very poor at shooting slugs at far range. Is this info. correct and what would you suggest? Thanks.

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    Both will be fine, just make sure you get the MBUS front sight as well, and the good thing is that the BUIS will cowitness with the EOTech.

    MBUS's are also made for ar-15s, so they can be used for ranges of at least 200 yards

    Any greater than that, what are you using a smoothbore shotgun fore, and why aren't you using optics

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