windows blue screen error?

i got this error msg often & system gets hanged on with this blue screen(stop error screen) .the error says : " A problem has been detected & windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer

Driver _IRQL _ not _ Less _or _ equal

if this is the first time you have seen this stop error screen , restart your computer ......................................................

then atlast it says

STOP : 0 * 000000000001 (0 * 0400000004 , 0 * 000000002 , 0 * 804DC65B)

Beginning dump of physical memory

likewise different numbers occurs after STOP at different occasions.

i experience the below things often -

1, system hangs down with stop error screen

2, Manytimes system restart itself

3, Monitor alone goes switch off automatically saying no power or cable disconnected but CPU will be working

To my knowledge it is because of some corrupted driver . how to find it & uninstall it?

if not please advice the correct solution to my problem

My system configuration :

windows xp , intel pentium 4 , 512 ram

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  • 9 years ago
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    There is a solution to every problem. Its blue screen error. Official name is "stop error" or "bug check".

    This generally occurs when your device(hardware) or device driver is incompatible with your system.

    Do the following things.

    1. As we have to restart the system on a blue screen error. we can't do anything. To avoid this restart, log in to ur pc in safe mode.go to start>settings>control panel>system(icon)> advance(tab)

    *click settings under start up and recovery section.

    *disable the option "automatic restart" under system failure. open device manager. to do this, open "my computer"> properties> hardware(tab)>device manager. we will see all device drivers. if you see, any symbol( red, yellow) against any device driver. click on it and uninstall it.

    4. restart.

    if you are unable to do with this. Let me know at As soon i get a mail, i will post a different solution here only.

    Blue screen errors may have different causes.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Blue show blunders is often with the aid of defective RAM. Unplug your RAM sticks, sparkling with dry brush/textile, additionally sparkling the RAM slots and re-plug the RAM sticks. Restart your laptop, nonetheless in case you face same difficulty, have an assistance of a good hardware seller !

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    this is a headache i had this with my laptop , it restarts all the time. mine happened cause i restarted it all the time . best thing i did was buy a new computer :)

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