whats wrong with my car's electrical system?

i know it is hard to tell without looking at it, but i have a pontiac grand prix GPT. i think there is something wrong with the electrical system in the car. both the back windows don't work, which could be a number of things, the lights flicker, which include all the lights such as the headlights and inside lights. the battery drains easy if something is left on. sometimes the engine is hard to turn over. and sometimes the power will just go out completely like locks and lights. adn then all the sudden it will come back on. i don't know if something is loose or what.. please leave comments and help me out.

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  • 9 years ago
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    I'm sorry, without actually seeing the car, its a shot in the dark to say what is wrong.


  • 9 years ago

    When many circuits are going bad, you start with the battery connections.

    Check the battery connections - the cable from the negative post to the vehicle ground might be bad. There might be a lot of corrosion IN the cable connector at the battery terminal. Or the wire in the cable has worked loose or is broken. Replacing the cable cures that problem.

    The connection to the car body might be corrorded. Try removing that cable completely, sand the areas on the vehicle body and on the cable connector to make fresh clean connections.

    Then you also look at your alternator. The cable connectors there might be loose too. The alternator might need to be removed and its mounting area cleaned of dirt and grime.

  • Pete M
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    9 years ago

    Some cars have a safety feature that prevents children from opening the back doors and windows. Check to see if your car is one of them. Open the door, and look at the door jamb on the door itself. If you see a switch or lever, that may be the problem.

    Otherwise, check the drivers master control for the windows to see if it is set in such a way that renders the back windows inoperative. This is relatively common on four door cars with power windows.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    check your fuse box in ur car, it could be really dirty/dusty in their that could cause erlectrical things to go haywire.

    make sure you always turn off your radio and headlights and winshield wipers before turning off your car or your battery will always drain quickly.

    there could also be something wrong with the wiring throughout the car, but again like you said, its hard without looking at it. thats the best i can do

    hope i helped - dave

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  • WikiJo
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    9 years ago

    1) Change all the fuses.

    2) Start splitting circuits.

    Source(s): This worked for me. (different model but makes little difference)
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