what a baby dragons called?

fledlings? hatchlings?

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    9 years ago
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    In the fantasy literature I've read, the most common term is "dragonette". "Drake" (in literature that I've read) is used either as the equivalent of "dragon" or for "lesser" dragons - a different, sometimes flightless species of dragon.


    "fledgeling" is problematic in that it implies the growth of feathers needed for bird flight. "Hatchling" is good for any just-hatched animal.

    One can also invent words, such as

    - dragonling

    - drakeling

    - fireling

    - flameling

    - wyrmling

    (Think: goose - gosling; duck - duckling)


    gives us these interesting-sounding options

    - dragonock

    - dragonelle

    - dragonling / drakeling

    - dragonette

    - dragonlette / drakelette / drakelet

    - Jim

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    Hatchling, Wyrm and Drake are 3 that I know of

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    A baby dragon is called a whelp, then a fledgling,

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    What OMG it is as big as a Rhino doesn't work?

    In most stories it is hatchling, or dragonette

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    I think that a young dragon is called a drake, I have no idea what the mythology behind the term is.

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    It depends on the age. Very young ones are called hatchlings. If they are at least one year old, they are called dragonlings. Once they hit ten years, they are called drakes or wyrms, depending on whether or not they have wings.

  • I know it's most likely not a correct term, but "snapper" sounds quite appropriate for a baby dragon.

  • 5 years ago

    a baby dragon is called a hatchling /;-))/!

  • 9 years ago

    I've heard them called Pseudo Dragons before.

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