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If you were in the United States Military?

and you risked your life every day to defend the constitution of the United States; How would you feel if the thing in which you swore to protect was being ignored by the guy sending you to war? (The President)


Im talking about the war powers resolution act and Libya. Obviously to was too hard for you guys to infer

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    I am Retired USAF.

    recently I read to understand the Constitution, not just a quick read but a study to include the Federalist papers and the Anti-federalist papers.

    The US Constitution starts off with who has the real power.

    We the people in order . . . .

    the Art 1 Congress and the following responsibilities each House has and the Powers they have.

    Art 1 sec 8 is very clear Congress shall have the power to declare war. A bit further To raise and support provide and maintain a Navy.

    Now we get to the meet and potatoes

    Art 2 Sec 2; The President shall act as Commander and Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, (comma, not the end of the thought) and of the Militia of the several states, (Comma, still not the end of the thought) WHEN called into actual service of the United States; (End of the thought)

    Simple put the Military belongs to and is maintained by Congress and only upon Congress pressing the Military into service does the President become the Commander and Chief.

    Tradition has bent the truth of the Constitution. The President is not the Commander in Chief until Congress says so for the War that they declare. This is to keep the President from becoming a Military Dictator.

    The War Powers Resolution of 1973 does not have any authority, it violates the Constitution. Nixon veto the law. A Democrats overrode the Veto and passed it into law without Presidential Signature.

    So here is the situation. Obama has seized control of the Military, unconstitutionally and illegally, and engaged it into an illegal war to help the sworn enemy of the United States to gain control within a sovereign nation. Impeachment is impossible. The choice is Obama or Biden?

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    No. Despite being a continental power, compared to potential enemies, the USA is small population wise. The only way to counter this is by cutting edge use of technology which is expensive. In addition, the military budget only amounts to 3% of the GNP (4% counting additional war spending). In the Clinton administration it was 2% and that resulted in the average age of USAF aircraft increasing to 30+ years from 20+ years. Most aircraft are older then 40 years now. Under current budgets, it will take more then 100 years to replace current aircraft. The other branches have similar problems and had to make hard choices which resulted in such things as not enough body armor for troops in Iraq. As the leader of the free world, the only way to defend US borders is to defend the world status quo. I addition, pass budgets were much higher even in peacetime. Reagan's budget was 6% of the GNP and Kennedy’s was 9%. The RAND think tank estimates that it will take an 8% (double the current) budgets over the next 10 years to get back on track and to repair the damage from the Clinton “holiday" on buying anything new and after that, it will need be 4% in peacetime years to maintain it. If the USA was a third world nation with no leadership responsibilities, then we could probably get away with less as long as the new leader kept a large enough military to come to our rescue during tough times but, since that is not the case, again, no.

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    To tell you the truth what can you do. Military people are the bravest and best people in the world who fight for our freedom. One minute everything's great and the next minute your best friend is laying in a pool of blood beside you. What does Obama have to say about this? Absoultely nothing. He's to busy kissing @$$ to muslim nations to get oil at cheaper prices. And going on vacations on taxpayers money. I would feel just pure hatred.

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    I know a lot of guys who have come back to the city from Iraq, and they could care less about the war powers act. They just want proper treatment for their PTSD. The governement has betrayed all of the soldiers because they do not rehabilitate them back into normal life, not because of the war powers act. Please don't use this argument anymore.

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    I served in the USAF 1985-89 under the Best Commander in chief ever who did things by the book unlike barry who takes orders from the UN.

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    The Constitution of the United States hasn't been protected, enforced in it's entirety, or respected since the 1960's...

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    It is our constitutional right to take up arms and over throw the Government. NOW IS THE TIME PEOPLE!!!!

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    Him and almost everyone running against him, yea, I would bow out in a not so graceful fashion.

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    I was in the military, and got out at the end of my four because of Exactly that...except it was clinton......

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    In case you hadn't noticed, it was Bush who sent US soldiers to war. Obama's planning on drawing down troop levels by the end of this year. The conflict in Libya has been limited to CIA agents who were already in the North African region and the use of Predator drones.

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