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Spanish schengen for non eu person with UK husband?

Hi all,

Ok, this is a bit tricky, and I seriously need some help here.

Firstly I am a English born and bred and have a Ukrainian wife and step daughter.

My wife (housewife) and step daughter (17 year old student) are here on their settlement visa.

We are wanting to go to Tenerife, but looking at the schengen it seems a bit daunting.

I am also self employed.

Accommodation is booked, flights will be booked this week............ can anyone give me some advise how to fill it in.

Best Regards


Hi, thanks for that reply, we are going on holiday.

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    Hello David,

    it is really tricky, especially since you did not state your travel plans. "We are wanting to go to Tenerife" is somewhat ambiguous. Go for holidays? Or go foor good? You might be laughing but it really depends.

    The United Kingdom is not signatory to the travel part of the Schengen agreement. An entry clearence issued by the UK does not exempt from the Schengen visa requirements unless it is issued to a family member of an EEA citizen [who makes use of his right to live and work an any country of the EU] and whose family members are accompaning him for a European vacation. In other words if a German citizen lives in the UK his spouse/daughter could travel to Spain without a visa if they travel together. A British citizen [who lives in Britain] does not make use of the EU treaty; hence his family members need a visa to travel to other EU countries.

    However your wife and daughter can apply under the simplified procedures which means they do not need to provide proof of accommodation, funds, travel insurance, employment or study but just need to show proof of relationship to a EU/EEA citizen. Questions marked with an asterisk on the Schengen visa application form do not need to be answered. ..

    You also do not need to apply for the visa through the commercial application centre and pay the additional service fee of £24 but can get the visa from the Spanish Consulate General free of charge. ..

    If you plan to move to Spain other procedures apply and your family members need to get free long-stay residence visa. ..

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