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If you had twins what would you name them?

i'm not pregnant! just wondering


Leo Michael and Aria Sarah

both first names mean lion and the middle names are after my parents


Callie Rose and Charlotte Grace

just love both names :)


Nathan Eli and Hudson James

2 of my favorite boy names

what about you?

thanks in advance!

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    G/G - Olivia Kathryn and Eliana Marie [Olivia and Ella]

    B/B - Mason Robert and Parker James [Mason and Parker]

    G/B - Olivia Kathryn and Mason Robert [Olivia and Mason]

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago


    Anthony Michael

    Nicholas Matthew


    Anthony Michael

    Gabriella Nicole


    Gabriella Nicole

    Juliana Brooke

  • 9 years ago

    I like your boy girl names. (First set of twins)

    Aria Sarah is really pretty...


    Jamie Claire and James Michael

    Jamie is after the little girl that I babysit and have for 3 years. and James is my moms maiden last name and Michael is also a family name on my moms side.


    Savannah Marie Arabella Jeanne

    Savannah has been my favorite name since I was 8 and Marie is mine and my moms middle name and Arabella I just like and Jeanne is my mom's name pronounced like Genie.


    Jeremy Paul and Ralph James

    Jeremy Paul is my boyfriend's name and Ralph James is his dad's name.

    If I don't count those names I would name twin boys

    Bentley Jacob and James Michael


  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Boy/Girl - Lucas Cole and Lyndsey Cathryn

    Boy/Boy - Blake Henry and Bradley Hudson

    Girl/Girl - Summer Marie and Skylar Madison

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    B/G: Ella Madeleine and Ryan Alexander

    G/G: Lillie Adele and Beth Amelia

    B/B: Tyler James and Ryan Alexander

    I love ur names especially the B/G twins.

  • 9 years ago

    Boy/Boy: Ezra Jackson & Gabriel August

    Girl/Boy: Violet Josephine & Ezra Jackson

    Girl/Girl: Violet Josephine & Ruby Caroline


  • xoxo
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    9 years ago


    Brody Michael, Hallie Charlotte (middle names are family names)


    Hallie Charlotte, Violet Isabel (Violet Isabel is my fiance's grandma)

    BB: I LOVE Hudson James too!

    Brandon Charles and Vincent James

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago


    Elliott Rowan

    Elijah Reece

    Both have the same initials, but they're two different names.


    Violette Rose

    Lily Alexandra

    Both names are flowers, and each name has a short name and a long name to balance it.


    Zachary Lucas

    Leah Madison

    The names are completely different, just like the people.

    :) x

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago


    -Rosie Jane

    -Finn Thomas


    -Elena Rose

    -Grace Elizabeth


    -Louis Michael

    -Ross Lee

    Source(s): my preferences :)
  • Briana
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    9 years ago


    Logan Elijah Blake

    Melody Evangeline Grace


    Noah Daniel Alexander

    Joseph Nicholas Carson


    Isabelle Lilah Charlotte

    Ava Sophia Lynn

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    I like your names a lot!


    Finn Tyler and Kate Rose


    Kate Rose and Evelyn Raine


    Finn Tyler and Ryan Oliver


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