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Can I obtain a hardship license in Texas?

I will be 17 in 5 days and I'm going to be a senior in high school. I'm enrolled at the local community college's dual credit classes in which I will need transportation to and from school and the college to get there. My mother doesn't have a disability, but she works so I cannot get to where I need to without the trouble of trying to get a ride, which is always troublesome. I watch my brother and sister as she is at work and is a single, working parent. I'm also working nights afterschool to help pay for my dual credit courses which also requries me to be able to drive because my mom and I are at work at the same time so she can't be the one to get me where I need to. Will the Texas Department of Public Safety be able to accept my hardship?

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  • 10 years ago
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    You might qualify, they will grant one for

    1.) Unusual economic hardship

    2.) Death related emergency

    3) Sickness or disability of a family member

    4.) Enrollment of Vocational education

    You may be able to obtain one under #4, the only thing you can do is to apply filling out

    form DL-77 and see what they say. Worst case is they say no.

    If you do not have drivers training then you have to renew this license every 60 days, if you have had training then renewal is every year

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    If you are 17, why can't you get a regular license?

    In My state, a hardship license is for when your regular license has been revoked for dui or drug possession, and you can prove you need a license

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