Question regarding iTunes and Amazon music.?

I noticed ALOT of songs on Amazon downloads are cheaper than iTunes... am I really paying for the name? My question is, the sound quality, is it as good as iTunes? I hope the previews are compressed..Second, could I then add that mp3 to iTunes like any other mp3? Also, I know I may not have all the song info MP4 has offer to offer. So if anyone can clarify tis or uses/had uses Amazons version let me know, thanks.


If I up converted to AAC and 256 kbps would it sound equal to iTunes? that's my question. I know they use 256kbps. Or could you tell a difference because you up-converted it.

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    10 years ago
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    YES...I DO IT ALL THE TIME....For starters MP4 are not music files, they are video files. Some folks on here don't know what they are talking about.

    With that said...Just import amazon's MP3 music files into itunes, and if you want you can convert them to itunes AAC files. Choose CD quality, thats 256kbps and your set to go.

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