My Destination X PPV Card, What do you think ?

TNA :Destination X 2011

Match No. 1 : Feast or Fired ( 4 cases - 1 holds contract, other 3 are empty )

Kid Kash V Petey Williams V Jimmy Rave V Luke Gallows V Dakota Darsow V Federico Palacious V Johnny Devine V Sabian

- Petey Williams wins contract.

Match No. 2 : TNA Knockouts Women Championship

Mickie James V Angelina Love V Winter V Velvet Sky

- Velvet Sky wins match

Match No. 3 : No. 1 Contender Match for TNA X - Division Championship (Ultimate X)

Shima Xion V Austin Aries V Kazarian V Amazing Red V Brian Kendrick V Suicide V Jeremy Buck V Max Buck V Kenny King V Robbie E

- Austin Aries wins match

Match No. 4 : Hardcore Match

Rob Van Dam V Jerry Lynn

- Rob Van Dam wins match

Match No. 5 : Elevation X Match for TNA World Tag Team Championship

Gun Money (James Storm & Alex Shelley) V Triple X (Senshi & Elix Skipper)

- Gun Money wins match

Match No. 6 : Monsters Ball Match

Jeff Jarrett V Sting V Crimson V Sabu (Wildcard Entrant)

- Crimson wins match

Match No. 7 : TNA X - Division Championship

Abyss V Austin Aries (winner of No. 1 Contender Match)

- Austin Aries wins match

Match No. 8 : TNA World Heavyweight Championship

Mr. Anderson V Kurt Angle

- Mr. Anderson wins match

Main Event : Three Way Match

Samoa Joe V AJ Styles V Christopher Daniels

- Samoa Joe wins match

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    Nice card, but I don't think many (if any) non- X Division wrestlers will be on the card. I'd prefer to see a 2 month build up to Anderson/Angle anyway.

    Joe vs Daniels vs Styles should main event, hopefully with Joe winning like you said. Daniels won the first one and Styles won the second one. Having Joe win would set up one more match between the 3 somewhere down the line. Perhaps BFG.

    RVD vs Jerry Lynn is a match that I called the second that Destinaton X was announced lol. That was like 3 or 4 months ago now, I'm glad it's starting to look likely and I'm now starting to feel like a psychic lol. This should be the semi main event behind AJ/Joe/Daniels. It's a shame that the X division title couldn't be put in that position, but having Abyss as champion means the match is gonna suck. These 2 should put on a hell of a match.

    I really like your feast or fired idea - but I don't like the match itself. It should be about who's the best - not who's the luckiest. I'd prefer to see an elimination style match with all former TNA stars. Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt, Kash, Williams, Devine, Bashir (Davari), Rave, Homicide. All well known guys, I'd like to see some unkown guys too, but all of these would be great in that match. Straight up elimination, winner gets a contract. Last 2 should be Petey and Lethal, with Williams getting the win. Hopefully Lethal gets a contract anyway.

    I like your #1 contender Ultimate X match a lot, especially with the match happening later in the show. Aries would make a great challenger since he's more charismatic than most the guys in the division anyway. Having him win Ultimate X AND the title would make him a big deal in the first night there. I don't know if 10 people would be too many though. I don't think Gen Me, Kenny King or Robbie E would be needed. The tag match would be great. I'm not a fan of Elevation X because it seems stupid to take such a risk - I'd prefer to see a straight up tag match. Triple X is one of my favourite tag teams, so I'd like to see them win. The Monsters Ball shouldn't happen IMO, or the World Title match, but the Women's title match should be good.

    Overall, a very good card with very cool ideas. 9/10.

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    9 years ago


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