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How much points would a Neal-Crosby-Malkin superline get in 2011-12?

Neal for the most part is a young power forward with a wicked wrist shot and is the same age as Crosby (23). Great size (6'2, 210 lbs).

Honestly the only reason Crosby became one of the best goal scorer's in the NHL was because he had no one to rely on to bury his crisp passes so he took matters into his own hands.

Theres a rumour that Bylsma intends to start Neal - Crosby - Malkin together to offset any lingering effects and extra hard work Crosby usually has to do because he's basically a one man wrecking crew.

Malkin's shoulder has finally been able to heal. At the very least, I think Malkin can be a 90 point player still.

maybe 30-30 for Neal, 45-70 for Crosby and 30-60 for Malkin?

I'm trying to predict next year's art ross winner.

It could be Stamkos, could be Getzlaf with the RPG line. Who knows.

All I know is that Crosby was set to run away with every single award this season until his injury. Maybe a super line of Neal-Crosby-Malkin would offset that injury.

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    Crosby:110-120 points

    Malkin: 100-110 points

    Neal: 55-65 points

    That may be a great line but I still don't expect it to bump Neal up to a 40 goal guy. Let's not forget in Dallas he had Brad Richards and Loui Eriksson on his line and he was still a 50-60 point guy (No Crosby/Malkin but definitely no slouches either). And honestly, as a Penguin fan and seeing most of the games year in and year out, I'd rather have Kunitz on that line. Kunitz is so much better at creating space for his line-mates and he can still give you 50-60 points while being responsible of the "crash and bang" role. Yes, Kunitz and Staal have great chemistry with one another but I'd still rather have Kunitz and Crosby together no matter what. Definitely like the idea of Crosby with Malkin though, we have the ability to do that with Neal in the fold now/more depth. But we'll see - good to know we have options at wing now.

    Kunitz - Crosby - Malkin

    Neal - Staal - Kennedy

    Cooke - Letestu - Tangradi (Switch him over to RW)

    Rupp - Jeffrey/Vitale/FA - Adams

    Nick Johnson/Eric Godard for 13/14th forwards

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  • 9 years ago

    340 (140-Crosby 110-Malkin 90-Neal)

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