Can anyone help me with this Latin translation?

Can't find one anywhere.

Hîs rêbus gestîs omnês sine morâ nâvem rûrsus cônscendêrunt, et sublâtîs ancorîs prîmâ vigiliâ solvêrunt; neque enim satis tûtum esse arbitrâtî sunt in eô locô manêre. At rêx Aeêtês, quî iam ante inimîcô in eôs fuerat animô, ubi côgnôvit fîliam suam nôn modo ad Argonautâs sê recêpisse sed etiam ad vellus auferendum auxilium tulisse, hôc dolôre gravius exârsit. Nâvem longam quam celerrimê dêdûcî iussit, et mîlitibus impositîs fugientîs însecûtus est. Argonautae, quî rem in discrîmine esse bene sciêbant, omnibus vîribus rêmîs contendêbant; *** tamen nâvis quâ vehêbantur ingentî esset mâgnitûdine, nôn eâdem celeritâte quâ Colchî prôgredî poterant. Quô factum est ut minimum abesset quîn â Colchîs sequentibus caperentur, neque enim longius intererat quam quô têlum adicî posset. At Mêdêa *** vîdisset quô in locô rês essent, paene omnî spê dêpositâ înfandum hôc cônsilium cêpit.

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    I think..........

    After these transactions, all men without delay on the other hand went on board the ship, and to weigh anchor and have paid in the first watch, for indeed, it was quite safe, they expected to remain in that place. Aeetes But the king, who already before had the enemy in the them had been the intention, where he knew his daughter, not only that he had received to the Argonauts, but also to be removed from the help of a fleece of wool brought her owner, from this pain and heavier than the kindled into flame. Ships of war; Lead ordered as quickly as possible, and to the soldiers which followed, it laid on them they fled. The Argonauts, who makes a knew well the issue had been joined, with all the forces to contend for the oars; *** ship which rode on, however, was now immensely in size, not the same as the speed of its Colchians were able to advance. The result was that the least but that absent the following could be held by the Colchians you have not yet intervened, a longer than the range of a missile could reach him. But Medea *** from whom he had seen in the position of affairs, almost laid aside all hope that this unspeakable This is the counsel we took.

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    This would be your homework.

    What do you learn/prove by cheating?

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