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Health diet tips to keep myself skinny and healthy?

I am 115lbs and I am 13. I was wondering if anyone had any health tips to keep myself healthy.

I was looking into this diet where I would start with eating protein and gradually work my way into eating my fruits and vegetables. Does anyone know what this diet is called?

(Please, No comments with additude. Any other comments will be appreciated. Thanks so much!)


Also, I don't want to be on a diet plan (Such as Weight Watchers). Thanks!

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    Lifting weights will make each thing tighter. in view which you're skinny, you may think of you do no longer % cardio, yet your coronary heart sures thinks so. basically in view which you're skinny, does no longer propose there is no longer fat gathering throughout your coronary heart. I propose lifting weights the different day and half-hour of cardio six days a week. If workout starts off to look pointless, try placing targets like working a 5K, doing 500 situps in a row, or mountaineering a monument of stairs. What to consume? this is common. circulate to the food market the different day and purchase nutrition in basic terms for 2 days at a time. on the food market, basically purchase meals that look sparkling and best for you. you will consistently have sparkling, yummy nutrition interior the homestead.

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    Knowing what vitamins to take is something you can find out by researching different blogs and websites.

    That and eating healthy along with exercise will keep you fit!

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    dont eat before you sleep

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