Exception Access Violation?

Every time I play on Pogo.com ,which uses Java ,I get a message on my desktop saying that Java found this violation calling it a fatal error. Why is this happening. Its been doing this for a few days now. Any help will be appreciated. You guys always have the right answer for me. THANKS, PAT

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  • 9 years ago
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    You either have a virus that shuffled your memory pointers, or there's a bug in the Java code (most likely), or both.

    Contact the administrators at Pogo.com and ask for their assistance. Odds are good you're not the first person to run into this problem, and they'll want to know the symptoms and how to reproduce it so they can go in and fix it.

  • Titus
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    9 years ago

    Access violation exception occurs when the program that is running is trying to access something outside of the domain it is running on, such as, for example, a remote file system. That sounds like a programming error on Pogos end and you'll just have to wait until they fix it. Send their support team an email about it.

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