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Which one is better? Internet problems.?

My internet connection is slow. Downloads for music, waiting for youtube or other sides to load takes a long time. It some times just stops. I think I'm going to change it. I'm currently using at&t and I have to pay $30.00 a month. I'm planning to get At&t DSL. (Is it even different?) It only cost $14.95 for 3.0 Mbps (DSL Pro) and $19.95 for 6.0 Mbps (DSL Elite) Why do I have to pay so much when the internet is bad? Should I call and ask for should I just change my internet? &+ Which one should I get? Not planning to waste too much money though.

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    Unless You are still using At&t Dial-up, where your computer dials a number to connect to the Internet, then you most likely already have DSL.

    You can go here to test your current Internet speed.

    You usually have two basic choices for Broadband (high-speed) Internet service. They are DSL such as At&t and Verizon provide or Cable Internet from companies like Comcast, Time Warner, etc.

    As far as DSL vs Cable Internet goes,

    DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) is a form of broadband Internet that is transmitted over standard twisted pair copper telephone lines. DSL speeds range from 256 Kbps to 6 Mbps depending on distance from the telephone company and plan that you purchase. Newer ADSL2+ services usually transmitted on fiber can be as fast as 50 Mbps.

    Cable Internet is a form of broadband Internet transmitted over coaxial television cables. Cable Internet speeds range from 1.5 Mbps to over 100 Mbps using newer DOCSIS 3.0 technology. The speed of the service depends on your exact area and service package that you order.

    Where cable or fiber Internet shines over standard DSL is when the download speeds go over 3 Mbps.

    DSL is limited by the distance from the CO or telephone companies central office. The copper limits are around 15,000 feet. and this would be the actual length of the cable not the point to point distance. If your neighborhood has fiber optic this distance can be extended,

    For higher DSL speeds these distances get shorter, the faster the speed the shorter the distance. A 3 Mbps DSL connection would be about a maximum of 6000 feet from the CO. If you exceed these limits quality and speed will suffer.

    A lot will depend on what Internet providers are available in your specific area, and what levels of service they offer in that location.

    For instance DSL Internet might be better in one city, and cable Internet options better in another. DSL is generally cheaper than cable Internet, however the cable plans are usually faster.

    If you are interested in broadband Internet then go to a ISP comparison site that lets you input your address, and compare the pricing and terms of the offers that are available in your area

    The physical address is needed because some services, particularly DSL, are very distance sensitive. For example you might be able to get a specific level of service while your next door neighbor can't.

    You'll want to pick the fastest plan that fits your budget. In some areas this can be 100 Mbps+. But these high end broadband plans are expensive. You may find that something in the 5 to 30 Mbps range might satisfy your needs at a much lower cost.

    Choose the best one for your Internet usage and budget.

    Good Luck...

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