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Help involving what qualities a service academy or ROTC program would find most valuable?

Alright guys. I know that I keep asking about this but I really would appreciate some second opinions on what I should do. I'm only being persistent because this is a very big deal to me. Here is a list of qualities that I have. I would be grateful if you guys/girls could rate them based on which you think would help me to get in the most.

1)Fluency in Mandarin Chinese

2)Fluency in Spanish

3)Privet Pilots License

4)Getting my Billy Mitchell Award in Civil Air Patrol

5)Taking a lot of advanced math courses at my local community college

6)Doing a lot of community service

7)Playing on the varsity soccer team at my school

I know this may be a bit of work but thank you in advance for helping me out. I will award full points to whoever provides the best reasoning/detail for their answer.

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    Order for me:

    5) Not just taking advanced courses, but making good grades as well.

    7) Not just playing, but taking a leadership role on the team.

    6) Never hurts to have community service. Interchangeable with 4).

    4) Service academies like the Mitchell Award, especially the USAFA. Interchangeable with 6).

    1), 2), 3) I don't think any of these will guarantee a shot, but they couldn't hurt.

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    1) Could be helpful, I believe Chinese is still considered a 'critical language'

    2) Lots of people learn Spanish in grade school, so it probably won't matter too much

    3) Like we said before, your PRIVATE pilot's license isn't really that crucial either

    4) Might help, not really sure

    5) The courses you take aren't necessarily as important as the grades you get; it's better to have a 4.0 in 'easier' courses than a 2.5 in advanced courses

    6) Community service is good, but again it's kind of expected, many high schools have a community service requirement to graduate

    7) As for extracurriculars, they don't really care what you do as much as they care whether or not you were on in a leadership position. So while being on the varsity team is good, being captain of the team is much better.

    The main things you can expect ROTC and academies to look at are grades, fitness, and leadership experience.

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    What's your highschool GPA? That is one of the big factors that determine whether or not you get into a service academy.

    As for ROTC, the fluency in Mandarin may help get you an "express scholarship" if you get into the program, so I would pursue that as soon as you can. Community service and Civil Air Patrol would likely be seen as the most valuable aspects of your application.

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    Wow! It sounds like you are doing all you can. Keep the afterburner going. Mark

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    boy scouts

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