Name Seven Children Using My GP List?

Name seven children using my GP list. Number of children was picked by a roll of dice from

○ Use only the names on the list. You may use one or two middle names.

○ You pick the genders. Must have at least one girl and one boy.

○ Do not use names that are similar (Ex. Roselle & Rosella).

Boys ♂ -

Galileo, Jericho, London, Walter, Archer, Asa, Ezra, Mikhail, Larken, Caelan, Addison, Lux, Luca, Cassius, Drake, Ezra, Emerson, Grayer, Franklin, Hamish, Vincent, Dominque, Demetri, Desmond, Mackenzie, Mackinley, Rowan, Sailor, Sky, Schuyler, Maximiano, Edmund, Bellamy, Hadley, Asher.

Girls ♀ -

Innogen, Seraphina, Anastasia, Guinevere, Madelaine, Myfina, Astrid, Tigerlily, Orchid, Persephone, Hannelore, Hannevieve, Philomena, Phillipa, Rosella, Roselle, Rosamund, Francesca, Georgianna, Ziva, Jasmine, Clementine, Lilac, Magnolia, Mairéad, Ciara, Adelaide, Genevieve, Gemma, Jemima, Linnéa, Evangeline, Mélodie, Agatha, Amélie.

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  • 9 years ago
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    You have some beautiful names here :)

    ♀ Clementine Agatha Linnéa

    ♂ Rowan Asa Cassius

    ♀ Jemima Francesca Astrid

    ♂ Edmund Demetri Asher

    ♀ Innogen Lilac Madelaine

    ♂ Hamish Ezra Bellamy

    ♀ Rosamund Phillipa Mairéad

    --- {Cleo, Rowan, Jemima, Ned, Ginny, Hamish & Rose}

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  • Luca Jericho Emerson

    Asher Edmund Vincent

    Rowan Cassius Walter

    Seraphina Rosamund Lilac

    Jemima Persephone Jasmine

    Linnéa Madelaine Gemma

    Anastasia Clementine Amélie

    Adorable names :)

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  • 9 years ago

    Rosella Evangeline

    Jasmine Tigerlily

    Ezra Dominque

    Anastasia Lilac

    Ciara Genevieve

    Ziva Persephone

    Magnolia Hannavieve

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  • 5 years ago

    Luca Vincent

    Jasmine Amélie

    Madelaine Roselle

    Mélodie Genevieve

    Adelaide Phillipa

    Anastasia Jemima

    Ezra Archer

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  • 9 years ago

    Galileo Vincent

    Rowan Asa

    Ezra Demetri

    Lilac Francesca

    Gemma Evangeline

    Jasmine Melodie

    Astrid Tigerlily

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Madelaine Lilac

    Evangeline Astrid

    Adelaide Magnolia

    Rowan Lux

    Luca Emerson

    Caelan Ezra

    Mackenzie Larken

    Maddie, Eva, Addi, Rowan, Luca, Caelan and Mac.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Drake Franklin

    Emerson Walter

    Schuyler Vincent

    Asher Edmund

    Jasmine Melodie

    Ciara Madeleine

    Adelaide Anastasia

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  • Archer Mikhail

    Grayer Franklin

    Schuyler Ezra

    Madelaine Roselle

    Adelaide Ciara

    Amelie Lilac

    Jasmine Francesca

    Archer, Gray, Schuyler, Lanie, Addie, Amelie, and Jazzy

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  • Kayley
    Lv 6
    9 years ago

    Ezra Maximiano

    Luca Schuyler

    Asher Vincent

    Jasmine Adelaide

    Anastasia Genevive

    Rosella Astrid

    Phillipia Liliac

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  • London Asher

    Demetri Vincent

    Mikhail Schuyler

    Dominique Rowan

    - - -

    Genevieve Amélie

    Evangeline Roselle

    Anastasia Jasmine

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