mh3 r ludroth help anyone? plz help?

i want to kill the r ludroth in mh3. i have the bone ax+ the piscine armor ser and alloy mail and greaves. should i change anything or do i just suck? im a big noob to the game

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  • 9 years ago
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    Any weapon type can kill R. Ludroth. You need to learn to use the weapon properly. With Switch Axe, you can't block, so you need to roll or dodge to avoid getting hit. Hitting the monster is the biggest part of this game but NOT getting hit is equally important. If you get hit a lot, you'll need to use pots more often. That mean you are losing valuable attack time in order to heal. And while you heal, there is a down time which opens up opportunity for monsters to attack you.

    R. Ludroth's move is very simple. Learn its move. When you first see it, it aways does that roar before it engages battle. This gives you time to attack him without getting hit. It always arch its back and tilt its head up and look left before it rolls to the left. It will look to the right if it were to roll to the right. So when you see he does that, you know he is going to roll. Watch its head to see if it is rolling towards you or away from you. If it is heading your way, you need get out of its way. You cannot stop R. Ludroth from doing what it does but you can learn its move to avoid it. If it is going to roll away from you, you roll forward with it so that you can quickly attack it again. If you always get hit by standing in front of him, then don't stand there. Or don't combo as much. If you can only land two hits by standing in front of it, then do 2 hit, and then side step or roll to the side away from it to evade its claw. You have a very short period of invulnerability when you evade so put good use of it.

    With your weapon drawn, stand next to R. Ludroth in a way that your SA is parallel to its body. You have to be facing its tail end. Hit R. Ludroth a couple of time (don't be too greedy) and when it rolls, you roll forward (ie, towards its tail direction) to avoid it because the tail is higher up and smaller. If you roll to the side towards it, you'll get hit. If you roll to the side away from it, you still get hits because you cannot roll far away enough to avoid it. Now, nobody can roll backward in this game so don't bother to try. If you don't face the tail and face its head instead. As you roll forward, you will still get hits by its head because it is so freaking big that you just can't avoid it. You need to try different way to find the fighting style that fits you the best. SA's range is good so you don't have to stand skin-close to R. Ludroth. Stand abit further way and try different move with SA; and you'll notice you can still hit it. By doing so, it gives you more time to roll away to avoid its attack. Sometime, all you need is one step further away from it and it gives you enough distance to evade its claw.

    When R. Ludroth is about to charge foward, it always does a 'fake walk' which you see its claws move but its body doesn't move forward. When you see this, roll away from it and shealth your weapon because you most likely will have to chase it in order to get close enough to hit it again.

    Learning the monsters' moves and the moves of your weapon are very important in all MH games. Some weapons are slow like hammer and great sword but they have power damage that you charge it up for a big hit, and the monsters stagger or KO, so that you stop its move and you keep hitting it. With some weapon like SnS and SA which is great for combo and agility, you need to learn the timing to eavde. In time as you get more experience with the monster and your weapon, you can tell when the next hit is going to stagger the monster so that you know you don't have to evade and can keep hitting.

    Source(s): Experience. I finished MH3 on Wii and MHP 3rd (Japanese) on PSP.
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