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i live in the US and would like to invite my fiance from NEpal on my college graduation .?

i live in the US and would like to invite my fiance from NEpal on my college graduation . we are both young and 23. will our age affect his chances of getting the visa. What will the interviewr look for.. he has a family business in nepal and is involved with the business. whereas , me i would most like to continue college for further graduate studies. I am a permanent resident here and will be supporting his stay.

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    well, he can certainly apply but it's hard to say what his chances are for actually getting the visa. for one thing, you're a permanent resident and his fiancee. so, where are his actual ties, to his family business or to you? The interviewing officer will be looking for what would actually bring him back to Nepal and what his real intentions are.

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    A visitor's visa, the B2, is applied for on its own merit. There are two components to it:

    1) strong ties to Nepal

    2) no ties to the US

    Basically, the US consulate officers are held to presume that anybody who wants to visit the US will overstay their welcome and does not return. Therefore it is very difficult for a young person to get approved. What they are ideally looking for is a government job, lots of real estate and money in the bank, as well as family. It is unlikely that a wealthy government employee will abandon his children back in his home country and stay illegally in the US.

    From that perspective an invitation can have two possible outcomes:

    1) the consular officer understands the purpose of the visit and approves a B2

    2) the consular officer seen undesirable ties to the US as a high risk and kills the B2 right then and there for good.

    Frankly, case 2 is more likely, but you just never know. There's really nothing to lose by trying, other than the $130 in fees.

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    young and single

    the chance of getting a visa are minimal

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